Hello, i'm new here !! Question about sound FX

Hello everyone !!
I’m new to AudioJungle (here since feb), and I really want to try to make it my side income. I’m a professional musician (drummer), for 20 years now, making many various shows in Europe, US, Canada and Russia. I have my home studio, making demos, recordings and backing tracks. I saw an opportunity here for making some money with what I love doing !

I have uploaded some songs, logos, and sound FX, and I’m learning, day after day, how it’s working here. (5 items accepted, 7 hard rejected).

I have this question about sound effects; what are the most requested one ?? And what are these to avoid ?

Thanks a lot ! And have a great day !

Hello, fellow Canadian!

Check this link and it might give you an idea as to what AudioJungle is looking for (and not looking for): https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/203269780-AudioJungle-Items-We-Do-and-Don-t-Need

I’m not sure myself what is exactly wanted or not wanted considering SFX, but you could also take a look around the popular items in the Sound Effects category to see what is currently sought after. Generally the marketplace is looking for new things, so doing something that a popular item has already probably wont work very well, HOWEVER, if you can manage to make a similar item, but make it much better than the popular ones currently available, then you might just take the popular items place and set the new standard!

Thank you for the tips !