Just Curious about Sound FX :)

Hi there…I am just curious about Sound FX…I’m asking only to know more :slight_smile:
I see a lot of them, but I am asking myself: how do you guys do them?
Do you record/sample directly sound sources?

I mean…how do you produce those sounds? it seems like they are pre made :slight_smile:
just curious!!

Good sales everyone!


This is why I do not produce SFX - I am a vegetable lover.


cool stuff

Very nice :slight_smile:

Yes !!
Great !))):moneybag:

I use only noise synthesis, never live pre-recording or sampling.

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It’s all about imagination really :slight_smile:
Usually I work with synths,but it’s absolutely stunning what kontakt can do for sound designer.
Even one simple kick sample could be enough to create whole track or more than a dozen of unique sounds.
You just must know what every knob can do :slight_smile:


that’s cool then!!

Some look hungry.

ok. cool video…

so everyone producing SFK of any kind is recording it…thats what you guys say?
right! curiosity satisfied
thanks all

In a near future I also would like to do some FX…
After viewing the first video, I need to eat something!
Good luck with sales!

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Surely well :grin: