Idea and Highlight for Envato and the Authors!

Hello to the Envato team and also to all the author regardless of the content and product being created. Envato invests very well in advertising and promoting products that are especially profitable in their opinion. Do you agree? I think 100%. At the same time, other companies are on their heels. This is true! I will not list which ones, you already know them. You do everything according to certain clear well-established laws and principles of the company, but you also understand that many cool and possibly potentially profitable products remain unnoticed for the client, be it music tracks or illustrations, etc. Good ! What an idea came to my mind this morning.I suggest that you strain your programmers a bit and fill one small gap in the product review system. For example, the author uploaded 5 tracks today and the curator liked one of them. He simply marks this track as “liked” or “special”. Further, this track falls on the main page below the list of tracks “Featured”
At the same time, let this section be called “Featured by Curators”
Let the curated tracks automatically fall into the section and flash before the eyes of the clients. Thus, a sufficiently large number of cool tracks will not remain behind the scenes. Do you agree?
Let there be more of these tracks, let the clients not only look at the top positions of the search, not only relying on psychology, but also discover fresh music selected by professional curators. These guys should know a lot about the product that they are checking. Is not it?
I can assure you that half of the problems will disappear by themselves. This is the dissatisfaction of the authors, this is attracting clients. Surprising the client that you actually have interesting and creative tracks. I urge all directors, managers, marketers and owners of Envato to read this post and think carefully. After all, sometimes the weak sides are prominent. It always seems to us that everything is ok. REALLY TRUE?

P. S It is not necessary to kill the bees that bring honey.



Yep. I’ve been talking about “unique” badge for a long time. Even during Q&A I’ve asked about it Collis, and he said, it’s a good idea and he will forward it to the staff. Unfortunately AJ has very low priority in the matter of improvements so we are still waiting.


Exactly, sometimes they should pay attention to such things. The authors will be motivated for further collaboration. This may be a small thing for the company, but for all of us this is an important point.


This is a really good idea. It could reward some of the authors who really put the effort in and strive to be authentic instead of those who just churn out template tracks and copies.

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