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Hi guys and Happy New Year congratulations! I would like to know how and where you promote your background music(for example, social networks, paid, free, etc.)? How does it look from the inside? How effective is it, how much is it costly (for money) … Share your opinions and successful achievements in this matter …
With respect and thanks from CleanMagicAudio!


This is a difficult question and very interesting for us all … I would like to know how, where, when it can be untwisted and which more popular places. Thanks for the question, this is a valuable question!

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It seems to me that every author who promotes his tracks does it his own way. Probably there is no universal “recipe”. In his interview, Aurus Audio wrote that he was not particularly involved in his promotion (at least at the time of the interview). He has several “strong” tracks that appeared in popular files.Thanks to this, more views of the portfolio and accordingly more sales. A good promotion will never be superfluous, but it is probably not necessary to pin great hopes on it. It is better to focus on creating quality and useful music, which sooner or later “blow up the charts”)))
It’s just my reasoning, I can be wrong


Good . But I ask, specifically for working methods, behind the Envato perimeter. Thanks for your reply!

I understood the question. Despite the fact that Envato is a friendly community, I think no one will talk about working methods that bring thousands of sales every month) This is an element of healthy competition.


I’m interested in the result (the fact that it is checked) and how it works?

I hope you find the answers to your questions here.

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I understood you from the very beginning)

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In any case, I’m happy with your answers (for the Envato ) But I already know them :sunglasses: Thank you! I’m interested in the opinion of more experienced authors. No offense :smiley:

Well…Good luck)

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I like to listen tracks from other authors, and sometimes, when I consider that these tracks are really nice and sounds pretty good to me, I love to put some comments. I’m aware that this encourages to the author to do more good stuff, but also I suppose that this can helps the author to get more consideration by potential customers that are reading good things about this track. It’s all about “quick” view and impression about prestige and good references.
In return, some authors also write something to my tracks,…and I also love it! this is also about to make grow some nice relationship between partners… and in my opinion it contributes to increase good feelings between artists-artists and artists-costumers… and this stimulate movements in the community and of course in the marketplace.
Well, it’s what I think.
good luck!

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Thank you, but this is not exactly the answer to my question! I’m talking about promoting tracks outside of Envato.

I use some social communities like linkedin,… I think it can be very useful if you concentrate all your efforts to build a solid network … contact producers, filmmakers, videographers, editors, marketers… send them a short personal letter and your portfolio attached.
I found that some professionals take seriously this tool and sometimes (it’s not usual) some of them asked me for freelance collaborations.
Don’t hesitate to have a huge amount of contacts, but be aware that you can be blocked by the linkedin’s staff if you send massive requests! have patience and let the time to do the job… be constant!

Good luck! :slight_smile:


I did not know that (linkedin). Thank you for useful and valuable information! :wink:

good luck! :slight_smile:

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Why not try other useful resource available online.

If you want the promo to be successful, then you have to invest money in it. You need to hire promotional agencies, social media managers, etc… In simple words, you need professionals who will find the target audience for your stuff, and initiate potential clients to buy it eventually. Of course, you can do everything on your own, but the outcome will be much lower, and time you will invest in a research will be huge :slight_smile:

Damn, this is probably the best Christmas fairytale I have ever heard :slight_smile:

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TitanSlayer Many thanks for the detailed answer! :wink:

Glad I can help! :sunglasses: