Ideas To Upgrade Audiojungle - Envato :envato:

Hi guys!

I am opening this thread so we can share some ideas how to improve this marketplace in hope some of the staff hear our voice.

Here are some ideas I have, feel free to give some suggestions too.

  1. Notification button on dashboard

  2. Authors and buyers who follow some author on audiojungle or some other platform should get a notification when author upload some new content. Notification in a dashboard and email could be nice.

  3. Like button - I think this button could be nice for buyers and probably it is the best only they can use it for possible violations of authors.

  4. Implementing picture or something under the wav form of the song. It is really boring for buyers to look at it, but with some interesting picture they could get some idea or inspiration how that song can be used. ( the wav form should be visible with that picture )

  5. Commenting on someone’s song - making available commenting and on a particular part of the song, just like on soundcloud. ( notification pop up when somebody like or comment the track )

  6. ADP should get some minimal number. I guess you will say that the law does not allow that and author itself determines the price. Why then author can’t set 0$?

  7. Uploading new items can be a real pain, specially for someone who is uploading too much items. Maybe something can be done with that to speed up the process.

  8. Like everybody said on the forum, I agree too, popular page list should be based on revenue, not on number of sales. With this real quality songs will emerge from the ocean.

  9. I agree elements is popular and attractive, but the banner really needs to be removed from authors pages at least. And believe me authors who are not part of the elements have abnormally decreased sales. Some of them have families to support, I think this community needs to think of each other. This will bring hope and motivation for all of us, which means new quality and trendy tracks so we can compete with other libraries.

  10. Making a room in elements, it feels like hodor don’t let anyone. :slight_smile:

  11. How about setting up a similar system that we are already used to for elements where authors can send individual items that the supervisor will decide are they for elements or not? In this way, each of the authors would have a chance to participate in Elements.

  12. Promoting campaigns only asks for items with big sales. I think there are a lots of songs with low sales but with pure quality and awesome production.

  13. It looks like there is gonna be a new wave of corona virus. Envato should be prepared to protect and support their authors and buyers.

Stay safe and well :pray:


Hello @RainyAudio ! I think this is a very useful topic and it should be implemented by default (a long time ago, when dinosaurs lived in the jungle). :sweat_smile:
In general, I support all the paragraphs, but I want to pay attention to the most important (primary 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13 and 11.) ones, we need them like water in the desert. :wink:
Stay safe, God bless you!


I 100% support this topic. Unfortunately I think nothing will be made for us …


Well, I have only one thing to say - AudioJungle looks and feels old and cheap for 2020. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems that this platform hasn’t changed for years. There are a lot of competitors (or even Elements) who’s sites look much nicer and fresh (and I subscribed to some of them). If Envato wants AudioJungle to exist, they have to upgrade this site


Completely agree with all 13 points. Excellent topic. I only wish Envato would actually listen to their community.


Hi guys, I am glad you like this topic and the ideas above. I hope for more authors to get involved so our ideas can be heard.

Ps, here is another one

  1. Masks with Envato logo

If someone know some basic of photoshop, could you please make some preview photo how it could look. Thanks in advance

Unknown Unknown

Remove the “Friends & Family” restriction to Envato Elements.


@RainyAudio I really like your thoughts but I will answer you with a meme :stuck_out_tongue:
RA meme


@artsygoat I look to young on that picture. :laughing:

@gballx I hope there will be more room in elements, especially for authors who deserve it and who have been here for a long time, like you. :slight_smile:

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