What ENVATO team should know if they read this?

Let’s share our thoughts and let The Envato team know what authors needs, and what AudioJungle needs to get better to improve sales to let everyone satisfied.

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As mentioned previously I think some normalization would be a great idea to help improve the overall listening experience on the site.

Put a stop to the tag naming crap.

Get tough on duplicates and people abusing the system. (This also includes authors who have automatic approval gaming the search engine).


I don’t want to think that this is the result of the evolution of stock libraries, since its a modern era. I hope something can be done. I have so much drop the last 1 year and looks very wrong to me. On the other hand, what could be done? Maybe all clients are in hurry, and they pick up the 1-2-3 items they listen to first? Who knows?