Hi guys! What changes would you like to see in 2019 on AudioJungle? (except for the topic of the number of sales).

Any opinions!

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I´m more bald. :wink::joy:


Yes, thanks @Manriquedelara :laughing:! But I would like to hear about AudioJungle! (I took your joke normally (because I’m used to your jokes :slight_smile: ), but I would like to hear the answer on the subject). :wink:

Others who? I’m waiting guys!

We do not sleep! Join now!:wink:

  • ID Check.
  • One exclusive account per author.

Just to begin. :slight_smile:


+1…It is high time! I support completely!

Envato to start to consult with authors about changes that will have an impact on authors.


Thanks for the “advice”! I think everyone will find this topic and express themselves.

I wish Envato would use the huge buyers fees from broadcast licenses and invest the money on:

  • Better broadcast license implementation/presentation

  • Music Playlists

  • Improve the search engine to give newer high quality items a chance to compete with top sellers.


Algorithm changes need to happen to keep the popular files fresh and prioritise new uploads more. Something maybe as simple as tracks shouldn’t stay on the popular files list for more than several months maybe? It isn’t like there’s a shortage of new tracks that are very high quality so the buyer wouldn’t lose out, and it’d keep the list fresh and reward artists for being more active.


I’m with @Netrabeat. I don’t know how the algorithm works but there must be some way of tweaking it to give better exposure to everything other than “corporate inspiration” surely.

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I think it would be nice if YouTube Content ID option during upload would add the line into description automatically.


+1 and same with Kit description.

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Thanks for great 2018! I wish all authors and staff another inspiring motivating year! :slightly_smiling_face:

Those are my short distance wishes:

  • project info (name of the buyer’s project and contact mail) after purchase, especially after purchase of the broadcast license to avoid loosing pro royalties
  • Composer PRO data in license
  • blank duration field instead of summed duration in packs
  • correct track number field instead of “1 track” in packs (bug)
  • batch edit of the boottom part of description
  • batch edit (based on checkboxes and filters) of the other data like prices, pro, cid
  • waveform in collections
  • edit option of tracks in queue
  • one staff member who will be dedicated to gather feedback from AJ authors
  • ID check

Long distance wishes:

  • AudioJungle Publishing for managing royalties and helping bigger clients in finding music
  • less “typical” tracks, more uniqueness
  • effficient tags which will be helpfull in finding more unique tracks for specific purposes like game or film music

-Pro information on all licenses sold
-Direct e-mail addresses of actual buyer so we can communicate with our clients to facilitate PRO royalty collections for major broadcast uses like world wide advertising campaign and national ad campaigns
-curated playlists in each genre to help clients find good, curated music, fast. This music should be music other than the current popular files.
-close the doors on new authors…make them apply to become an author, if they are good, let them contribute to this site. If they do not pass the test,they should not be allowed to open an account.
-police self buying, it still is rampant on this site.
-auto delete tracks that never sell
-close accounts of inactive authors who do not sell much music or contribute new music fairly regularly
-have a staff of 2 or 3 dedicated to the music market to address issues and concerns


Wow, this is an “storm wave”, I did not expect! We continue, and we are waiting for new interlocutors in this circulation of ideas and opinions! :wink:

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And as I mentioned in previous topic, it would be nice if there was a topic in which staff would pick the most helpful/active people and nominate them to win monthly forum star badge with explanation why that person deserved such a sophisticated badge.
#newbadgeeveryyear #badgesaremoreimportantthansales #envatoisthebest


Nice topic!

I would like to see changing search engine, I just want to name track as I want (not Inspiring Epic but normal title) and just point some tags and mood of the track.


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I think 2019 they should think about how to handle Elements. Are they going to keep open only for chosen lords? or are we the village people invited to the party at the end?

I do not think that this is a good move. I’m not in a hurry for the Elements. We did not even hear from any of the authors, the first experience conducted on the Elements.

Elements is a lucrative additional income stream for the chosen ones whilst the uninvited struggle. That’s why you have not heard.

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