I’m not a contributor, just a customer to date, but if I was a contributor posting my items on the Envato community I would be upset that the “follow” button (to receive notifications by that author) is buried usually three clicks in. Every time I have to re-explore (is that a word?) how to find it all over again.

Why once you go to that artist is there not a follow button right next to the artist name? You have to click portfolio? Madness.

No this is not madness…this…is…poor…PLANNING!

And I’m kicked in to a pit.

Yes that is upseting. But we are forced as author to invest in our lists and mails as we do not have any meens to get in contact directly with our clients about news, updates, plans and changes.

So the issue is a bit bigger :frowning: but let me as an author thank you for taking the time and sharing your concernes.


You are right @twincitymedia. It should be more convenient for the customer. Hopefully influential Envato staff members (for example @KingDog and @scottwills) will carry this customer message forward to the development team as they prioritize website features in future updates. Thanks!

Hi @twincitymedia thanks for the feedback!

The “follow” functionality is available in several places:

Also, a little hack - you can add “/follow” to any user page URL to follow someone:


So there are multiple, quick and easy ways to follow users.

If you’re referring to item pages, you’re right! There does not appear to be follow functionality there but I’m not sure if that’s intentional or not by our UX team. I don’t recall a follow button ever being there on an item page to be honest (just trawled through several years of page layouts via the Wayback Machine to double check).

I’ll pass along your observation to the UX team for their consideration. Thanks for mentioning it! :thumbsup:

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I’m not sure, but I think he’s talking about a follow button on the authors profile in the forums? That, and click-able author names leading to the authors profile would be handy. I know we can make a link there ourselfs, but most authors doesn’t do that.

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