Featured files by category request


During the six months on Envato I see one serious mistake , which I already wrote on the forums. Featured categories consist tracks which are actually pretty same genre - upbeat, corporate, ukulele stuff, etc. This looks a bit unfair from my pov.

Do we all have to work in the same genre and overload the market in hope to finally boost our career and as a result kill the market and variety of choice? I do not think so.

Instead, I think Envato should create different variations of featured items by genre category. I know that this might looks risky, because Envato stuff analyzing incoming traffic and so on, but here is mine conception.

Just creat same page as “Popular items” page. Every week put a few files (3-6) from different categories in the list.


-Different variatiots of audio, mobility of choice.
-Author support, everyone can do the best in his niche.
-Pretty fair system, instead of one-genre page.

-A bit risky system, I am sure that Envato is not ready to do such a thing
-Buyers can not just listen stuff quick and purchase it. Instead they have to do a few button clicks
-A bit much work for Envato reviewers. :wink:

What do you think guys?


+1. Good idea.

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Excellent idea Titan +1,although I think there are not that much cons,Envato would probably just gain from adding featured categories ,however hope they’ll take this into consideration

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I really agree

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Great suggestion! Logos & idents deserves some love too :slight_smile:


It is not a bad idea TitanSlayer but I think Envato prefers to focus on just one item. Also so true that it’s always folk, motivational, indie, genres. Aparently they sell best?

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Well may be they sell the best here, but It looks like not a natural boost of Envato stuff. Some tracks on featured page do not even had a sale from there. And they still upbeat/indiesh genre. Plus lots of tracks comes to weekly and montly Popular items directly from Featured page, what do we have on there you know.

Of course there is reasons behind it, thats why I said it a bit risky :stuck_out_tongue: