Suggestion to Envato


Hi guys!

I was thinking about some things and this could really improve some things like how much people are actualy intersted in our music and how much people are potential to buy our tracks.
I wanted to ask Envato team that they could add the statistic about downloaded previews of our tracks.That feature could be awesome because we can see how many people downloaded our music since aproval.
With such a feature we can actualy see how many people are interested to buy our music after they make for example “Top 10 tracks” and then buy one or more tracks from that list.Not only the views of the item are enough to show the REAL interest in our music.
Would like to recive feedback about this idea :smile:
Thank you!


I like it !!!


Thank you :smile: Le’ts wait and see how many people support this idea and talk with Envato crew about this idea become reality :smile: