Competition on Themeforest.

You can try changing the policy to Envato? Good profits are received only by Top 30 authors. they are constantly in the top. Although the design is already outdated. There are many good works of new authors whose sales are bad but they can not compete because elite authors are constantly in top sales. This system does not allow to compete with new authors with top 30 authors. I know some new authors who for this reason had to leave the Envato market.

How would that work? What can they do?

You can add the item Top authors by a large number of works. Top portfolio (by number of works) Maybe something else needs to be changed.

I can’t imagine any marketplace is likely to feature authors based purely on volume especially if it’s to help new authors as it would mean that they need to rush to create multiple items and therefore more likely to be lower quality.

I’m not saying that helping new authors is a bad idea - just looking to understand how feasible it is and how it would work.

Bad jobs on TF do not accept. :grinning:

The do already do that with reviews.

The issue you mentioned above about old authors dominating is not from their new items it’s a result of their longer standing and big selling items

How to go to the author with top sales. 1. Menu - Popular Files. 2. Menu - Popular Items 3. Menu - Top Authors. 4. Top Authors in Month. 5. Category - Best sellers.
Beginner 1. Top New Authors 2. Home - Check out our newest themes and templates. 3. Sort by: Newest Items. And this is all, temporary