Sales are dropped harshly in codecanyon

The sales of our items are dropped harshly this month compared to last year, also the traffic dropped from codecanyon to 50%, Is this something related with the new CEO? The marketing isn’t working anymore like before.

Do you agree on that?

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@DoughouzForest Same here, No sale since last 5 days, usually have 2-3 sales each day but this month not have more sales

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Same thing on my side as well, starting abruptly on May 1st.

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In my case, my sales are approximately the same, but overall something is going on and is not good.

All I see is Envato promoting Elements all over the place, it seems like they do not care about the marketplaces too much right now, which is very stupid if you ask me!


Yep, exactly as many people have mentioned on the A/B testing thread, there is clearly something going on here and the Envato Team is simply not wanting to give any insight into this, only trying to damage control and keep us in the “dark” of what is actually happening.


I subscribe to @DoughouzForest

It is like we’ve disappeared.

Dead, dead, dead.


Can confirm. Sales have severely dropped for the past couple of months.

Same here, starting on May 1st. More than 15 days without any sales, even with a new product release.