Low Sales this month on CodeCanyon



Any holidays I’m not aware of? :smiley: I’ve noticed this is a trend with all items, not just mine. Month started normally but then the sales suddenly stopped (for the last few days)

Sales Stuck @ Codecanyon Anyone?

Hehe, i have pointed out this too, but the given reason was that it happens because of the Easter.
Now we’re well passed by that and still sales are tremendously low even if they did well a month a go.
Reason is that Envato is most likely advertising TF more, and on CC the WP category more than anything else.


Horrible, horrible. This will most likely be the worst month in years :frowning:


Not for us, our CodeCanyon items are doing pretty good this month.


@chilly_orange - define good.


Not good at all


This month is better for us from previous one.


I would love to become an author on CodeCanyon in short time, is it even worth it at the moment ?


Close to a 100 sales at this point (with most of our items being around $25 with the highest commission). Slightly ahead of last month.


Same here, very low sales on CC items.


@chilly_orange - so you have x items that when you sum up the sales you get almost 100 and you call that good ? You don’t see any problem here?

Looking at the history of the popular items, it doesn’t seem you’re doing that good(from my point of view, i have other expectations maybe), so once again, how is the sales going good for CC items ?
Taking example, since 3 weeks ago, i see items sold just under 25 times (excepting slider rev, i don’t think that belongs to php scripts but that’s another story). Previously, there were 2 weeks where items sold very good, but before those 2 weeks again, slow sales, rarely you’d see items over 30/40 sales.

I wonder why envato doesn’t do more for the items in php scripts? I understand the Wordpress category is the one that brings them most money, but still, the PHP category has potential too. And please, don’t throw me that thing that i should advertise my items(adwords/etc) and so on, Envato takes a lot of money from our sales, so that it’s their business to do this and ensure we have sales.


I couldn’t care less about how well popular items are doing. I am comparing my own sales and revenue to previous months; and yeah… compared to last month, this month is quite alright. Having made almost $2,000 in passive income, without lifting a finger, in 10 days is pretty good in my book.

So no, I do not see any problems on CodeCanyon. I realise a lot of junk is located in the PHP category so I am not surprised most of them are not selling well. That aside, there’s a selection of premium items who are doing very and have been doing so for a long time.

Our best selling item, in the PHP category it going reach 1200 sales soon, in about a year and a half. So not bad at all… And our worst selling item still has 150 sales. So it’s not all doom and gloom :slight_smile:


Except you did, those items didn’t fell from the tree, you did some work to create them and now you put no price on that work.

You sold that item 13 times this week, and you still call that good sales? I mean, really you are for real with this?

Anyway, we have very different ways of appreciating our work i see, nothing wrong with that, it’s just i expected more :wink:


“Low sales” differ from person to person :grinning:


The fact that said item is over 18 months old and still sells 2-3 copies per day; yeah… I am more than happy with that.

And obviously it took some effort to create these products; but whatever resources were spend creating those items, we made that back a long time ago. Whatever money they generate at the moment, is pure profit.

You seem to be frustrated and looking something/someone to point your finger at. If that makes you feel any better, by all means, keep it up. However, as I pointed out earlier, not everyone is in the same boat. My little CC portfolio generates about $4,000 a month with little to non effort (as I said, whatever effort was spend building the products, that has all been made back) and that does not yet include the income we get from our TF items.

Btw, I had a look at your portfolio and it appears you have a bunch of low sellers in there. Perhaps that’s what got you all wound up? Perhaps you should try diversifying your portfolio rather than focussing on building add-ons for a single item?


Low sells comes from app extensions, this is expected, i don’t complain about those.

Finally a constructive answer :slight_smile: