CodeCanyon Bad Sales



It’a not just me, I noticed a big decrease of sales for all items in the Popular Files list, compared to last week.

What could be the reason for this?


You basically mean it looks like all items are selling less this week?


Yeah, i can confirm this to, it’s really bad.
I think it’s because Envato doesn’t advertise that much anymore or maybe their partners don’t like them that much anymore, who knows exactly… I personally have no exact clue, but maybe they have something in plans to make it work again because if it keeps going in the way it goes right now, it’ll be terrible in a few months and it would be a shame after all the efforts we authors do. We can only hope :smile:


Octomber was by far my best month, but sales for the last week have been mediocre. The market is definitely unpredictable :smiley:


Well yeah, if i learnt something since i am selling here is that indeed sales depend on a variety of factors and are very unpredictable but to me it seems that lately too many authors complain about sales and they don’t do it for nothing, something is def. off but again, i trust that things will get back on track, maybe it’s all because of the Envato big transition and/or latest changes, etc etc etc. Let’s wait and see what happens from next year :wink: