Low sales...


Hi guys.

We’ve noticed a really big breakdown on our script sales.
Is this normal on this time of year? Maybe developers are going on vacation?! Can this be what is causing that?!

Best regards.


Same here with templates :frowning:


Same here :frowning: our sales is really bad


The same here, also on my friend’s account.


Someting happened after the new search has been implemented.

I think if the inline banner dosen’t look professional it will affect the sales negatively, I see no other reason why the sales have deopped since the search algorithm is the same.


We are having trouble on CodeCanyon. And you guys?
We hope this gets better soon :pensive:


It’s a marketplace. And a marketplace always has ups and downs. The sales will never be constant.

One thing to check when this happens is how your item shows in search results. Look for your item, look at competitor items. See what you can improve. The tags maybe, maybe the item description, the key features, or the item preview image. Or maybe the loading speed of your demo website. There are a lot of factors buyers take into account when looking for items.

Our focus should be on constant improvement. :slight_smile:


I approve 100% :slight_smile:


Huge drop in sales for us as well.


very strong fall on AJ too…


Half of the sales as compared to April


What is happening to CodeCanyon?! :sob:


We’ve checked our analytics.
Same old conversion rate but very low traffic these days since May.
Dropped around 30%.

May 2018: the Worst month for the last 3 years…


I’ve been tracking PHP sales on CodeCanyon (for all products) for the last year (since this is my main market). You can see the sales have been on a slow decline over the last year.

The spikes are when CodeCanyon does Black Friday sales etc.

Note: Data may not be 100% accurate but it’s good for a general look at how the PHP market is looking.


It’s not that. Something is really wrong with the new search and filter system you implemented lately. I know there are up and downs, but never been this bad and obviously is not only me…


Do you have any data to support this? Marketplaces are very very complex and there are literally 10,000s of (and maybe even arguably infinite) factors that can influence sales.

Furthermore it’s worth noting that we moderators do not work for Envato and can only speculate as well as you. :smiley:


Come on, I’m pretty sure most authors who are here from a few years know very well when something is actually wrong. My item was selling for about same amount for 2 years to the moment the new design came live.


Agree with this, it’s not the usual summer slowness. I understand that the key focus is the Elements now, but Envato should have do something for the markets too. We will see, but I’m not too optimistic.


I’m not denying that sales are down - just look at @Patchesoft’s graph. But there’s nothing about that graph which points to it being an issue with the filter/search changes.


Maybe it’s not related with the design change. We are just guessing, trying the find an explanation, but the fact is sales are not normal. Seems to be and endless weekend (regarding the sales not the free time :slight_smile: )