My Plugin sales stopped now

I have a Codecanyon plugin for WooCommerce Product Table.
Actually recently I have updated my plugin and added many Advanced and modern features to my plugin. plugin url:
But it’s a matter of sorrow that: After last update, my plugin’s sales has stopped totally.

Can any one help me by giving suggestion, Actually wheres the problem.
Thanks in Advance.

Having same issue :frowning:
My sales have stoped. And maybe this has something to do with the search algorithm… :frowning:


Slow month, be patient, create new better plugins!

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Remove the money back gaurantee you have placed in the front page. It is overrepresented in your profile and might influence your traffic and user retention in a negative way. You have placed such a huge focus on refunds. Be smart. Is this the first thing you want people buying your product to consider?

Replace it with a list of features your plugin sports and what the new version is offering. You have placed the most important bits last (after your changelog, where nobody is going to bother to scroll to).

As for sales, depends on market demand. It has nothing to do with Envato and the search algorithm. Blaming search is a trap with no answers. This is the best way to waste your time and make even less sales. Focus on the things you can control.

That’s my opinion anyway.


I used to get 3 - 4 sales every day during this month but since yesterday sales stopped and I see this :frowning: :frowning:

Thanks a lot for your nice reply.

I am from videohive. I can confirm that this weird stop of sales happened to many authors accross all markets. including our.

Something is happening and no one knows what. Sales have decreased by 40-70% to some authors and 20-30% to most.

I have few theories:

1 theory - many things at once - mothers day, summer, world soccer cup, tax month.

2 theory - envato algorythm and price changes - search algorhythm is definetly changed on videohive as now if you enter a search phrase or a word there will be first items which has least words in them and has that search word. So if you search for “fire logo” all items in first pages will be those which has item name fire logo and in further pages variations of that. Also author driven price changed how items are perceived… many items are now much more expensive. Simple logo reveal used to be 12-15 usd just year ago , now its 18-24 usd… thats double in price. Buyers notice such things and visit less.

What are your thoughts?


I think, you are right. I also think so.

Ups and diwns are normal, it is a huge marketplace and competition is steep.

Focus on improving your inline preview banners since that is the first thing that appears on a search

Looks really good to me :slight_smile: