The Sales Monitor 2


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The Sales Monitor

10,000+ comments, and we still haven’t figured out sales :laughing:


Could have been a chance to stop the madness now :smiley:

But okay, let the conspiracies continue!


Sorry. I didn’t want to create this thread. Reptiloids made me do it :alien: :smile:


Thats weird :smiley: why would it close after certain amount of comments


Sales monitor 2, twice the fun!


The sales have been back to normal with version 2 of sales monitor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m not a financial expert, but the chart wants to tell me something. :smiley:


It tells you that there are 4 curved doors :rofl:

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Slow week. And my sales are weak. Its not motivating at all.


What is wrong with new templates? This year started something strange… i’m selling 3 years old products, but nobody wants my new ones…


People love the classics ! )))


Old is gold :+1:


From a sale of $58 of an item with extended license I only receive $13.40 :pensive: . Because of US taxes. Not fair but the ugly truth :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:


I’m wondering why Envato collect the taxes from each item, not from the whole amount of US sales :thinking:


I only know that from a purchase of $58, if it is from outside US, I receive about $25, but from US just $13.40


Because every sale is an individual sale from author to customer. Envato is like middleman between


Thanks :slight_smile:


So experiment is launched on Videohive. I highly recommend do not upload any items, until it’s over.

UPD: And they integrated Placeit menu. And removed Cinema4D menu.
Only I miss categories for free software? Like DaVinci Resolve and Blender.


Let’s just hope they will revert to newest items after that experiment. I see “best rated” as default right now and that sorting does never make sense, not on amazon, not here.

New items do need their exposure. Else they will never end up being trending or best rated or best seller, if only the current trending, best rated and best selling items are shown.

Let’s hope for the best…