2019 Envato Annual Public Impact Statement

Hey Everybody!

It’s hard to believe it’s not just the end of the year, but the end of the decade! Last year we kicked off a new tradition at Envato of publishing an annual public impact statement, and today I’m back again with the 2019 edition!

The public impact statement aims to give a record of what we did in the year at a very high level, covering the broad impact that Envato makes for customers, for authors and for staff and stakeholders. It doesn’t cover every stat, or in and out of the business, but speaks to the mission and values of our company and how we’re working to them. That said, we have tried to add a little more colour than we did last year :slightly_smiling_face:

This year we’ve also translated to (Mexican) Spanish as well (since 200+ of our team are in Guadalajara, Mexico)

2019 Public Impact Statement (:australia::us:)
2019 Declaración Anual de Impacto Público (:mexico:)

(Last year’s) 2018 Public Impact Statement

I hope you find it interesting! The team and I will be coming back to this thread, until next week (19th Dec), to answer questions about the report. I know these kinds of discussions can easily go off on a tangent (especially with a huge topic area like this!), but I’m going to try to keep us on topic: the Annual Public Impact Statement :slightly_smiling_face:



@collis - It’s sound great. 2019 is a big boom year for Envato. There are lots of new things shown in this year like Placeit, Elements growing, New UI in Envato sites etc…Congratulations in advance for 2020 to achieve $1B+ community earnings.

As a proud Elite Author from India - I request to open a new office in India :grin: as well as at least start meetups.



Sounds very interesting. Documentation contains many information about Envato makes and its achievements in this year. Good luck for future.


@collis - This is amazing and great year for Envato. There are extraordinary things to work as a author and buy great stuff as a customer as well. We have started our planing to sell plugins early this year and have great response from customer all over the world. Best of luck for 2020 to achieve $1B+ earnings.

As a Author from India - We are very excited to see you here in India.



Thanks guys!!

I have to say it’s been a really long road to that $1B number!! Back when we set the goal we were at $40M if I recall correctly :grinning:

(Also go team India!!!)


Very motivational stats!
Thanks for sharing with us!


Thank you for sharing!

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@collis - Congratulations on this wonderful year. Hope 2020 will be even better. Thanks for sharing.


Great job and thanks for sharing!

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Congratulation! Where can we see Annual Affiliate Earnings Report?

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It is very motivating and inspiring! I am sure You will succeed! I wish you good luck

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Good job, thanks for sharing!

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@collis 2019 remains amazing and great year for Envato. Best of luck for 2020 to achieve $1B+ earnings.
I have started selling flyer from March, 2019 and got huge response from customer. At Envato, there are lots of things to do as a author and buy great stuff as a customer as well.

Excited to see you here in India.


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Nice presentation, thanks for sharing it!

At sharing the profit slides, you are comparing author earnings with profits shared to stakeholders and charity. Wouldn’t it be more accurate to compare it to earnings of stakeholders (salary + profit sharing + bonuses) ?
Also, no profit is shared with Authors so it doesn’t make sense to show them there, unless you are planning to share profits with Authors :smiley:.


Every minute, we create 11 sales on Envato Market.

Every minute, we license 160 items on Envato Elements.

Such a huge difference, especially when comparing the number of items available in each offer. How are the market sales holding up, compared to previous years?

Anyway, congrats on earning so much money that you can give back so much to charities. On our end, your policies have pushed so many of us into extreme poverty and despair.


@collis It’s been a long time that I was waiting for a reply or a post from you specially on category page announcements, but we were all ignored by envato’s decisions. This year was the worst year of me on envato my earnings drooped down suddenly after the category page experiments so I decided to move to the other markets. This was a good opportunity for the elite and best seller authors but not for the new authors and new items. New item sells are completely dead as envato ignores them all.
Does envato has any plan for the new items in 2020?


Those 11 market sales give more revenue than the 160 elements sales.


Hi @collis

Nice to see you back here and thanks for sharing some insights! Though as last year I think most authors would be interested in some more stats about each of the marketplaces.

I have a couple of questions:

Speaking of increasing bonus distribution. Don’t you think it would be reasonable to share some Elements profits with all the exclusive market authors who are advertising for free to a competing market on their item pages? Or will this just continue to be forced charity?

It’s great that you have implemented different price tiers in Elements, I believe this is a step in the right direction. Though the prices for small teams still seems very very low. If you have not, check out the new unlimited music subscription service of the industry leading giant site you mentioned on page 14 in last years public impact statement. It’s a completely different planet in terms of healthy pricing. And this is only for music. And I really wonder why? Is this company aiming at a totally different customer base then Envato?

In short, I guess my most important question is: Are the extreme price dumping both on Elements and also now in the new market category pages really effective? Does it drive significant more traffic and revenue on both platforms then more healthy prices?

Thank you very much in advance for any thoughts!


Which is another concerning issue.

Sounds great! Keep going :smiley: