Envato Community 2019: recognition, shoutouts and thanks

We’re now in the last few hours of 2019 (in Australia - those of you across the Pacific Ocean have a little more time left!) and I wanted to give a shoutout to some of the many people who’ve contributed to this community over the last year.

It’s a big place, with people from many different countries, cultures, languages and perspectives. Scroll down to the Country badges on the Community Badges page for a look at where some other members come from - it’s an impressive list!

Most of our forum discussions remain pretty heavily focused on Envato authors (both established and emerging), but there are also a growing number of customers on here, and other groups like the Affiliates who help attract new customers to the marketplaces. All those groups have very blurred boundaries, of course, and many of you design, sell and buy items throughout the year.

During 2019 we’ve had almost 80,000 posts on this site, across 12,000 topics. Some of our members have been posting since the first days of the original Envato Market forums, and we’ve also seen around 10,000 people make their first post on this site since January 1.

Envato has grown a lot over the year, too - if you haven’t already seen it, check out Collis’ Public Impact Statement for a rundown on our activities across Envato Market, Studio, Elements, Placeit, Twenty20, Milkshake, Mixkit and our various extensions and plugins. 2020 should be another huge year, with a lot of different projects on the horizon.

To cap off the year, I’d like to mention some of the people who’ve been making a difference in this place. I’ll keep adding to it over the next week, and I encourage you to do the same.

If there are community members you’d like to thank, let them know in this thread! Tag them in your post so they’ll get a notification, and let them know what you’ve appreciated about them during the year :slight_smile:


First and foremost, thanks to @kingdog and @steve_lam - my companions in the trenches here on the forums, who do a lot of running around to make sure the discussions here are seen by decision makers across the company. Trav also looks after our moderation team, and Steve does a huge amount of work pulling together all the information needed to make sure people are informed about product changes.

@kingdog will have more to say about our amazing @Mods, but I’m very grateful for all the work they do behind the scenes.

Special shoutout to @charlie4282, @mgscoder and @unlockdesign for their efforts to make sure new customers can quickly find answers to their questions. Customer discussions are the fastest growing part of this site, and you’re a big part of why those are taking off!


For our aspiring new Graphics authors, there’s a steep learning curve required to pick up the right combination of technical design skills and business aptitude required to do well on GraphicRiver or Elements.

@XioxGraphix and @n2n44 consistently provide detailed feedback to new authors who are trying to get items approved for sale. It can be a tough job at times (nobody likes hearing what they’ve done wrong!), but it ultimately helps to build a stronger marketplace. Raising the bar on item quality brings more customers in, with benefits for all the authors selling here - so thank you both for the time and energy you put into helping people :slight_smile:


The Envato Worldwide events have been a massive undertaking this year, expanding to new continents and many new cities in 2019. Thanks to @Mini_Lou @jamesgiroux and @Sarah_G for organising these - and to all the hosts, volunteers and speakers who helped in each location! I know Louise has a long list of hosts to thank from around the world. I’ve enjoyed seeing photos and videos from each event, and hope to meet some more community members in person next year :smiley:


On the video front, @DREAMYARD_Visuals @MotionRevolver and @Creattive all spring to mind for their insights and feedback on everything from item feedback to navigating the Market and Elements onboarding processes. Thanks for the constructive energy that you bring to discussions here - it’s been a busy year for many video item categories, which has brought in a lot of new authors. Thanks for helping to make so many newcomers feel welcomed in the video forums!

I’ll keep adding more people to this thread later in the week, but that’s all I have time for today - the year decade is finishing, much of my country is currently on fire, and it’s time I left the office before I get locked in here for NYE :smiley: I’ll see you all in 2020!


thank u very much for highlighting the both of @XioxGraphix and i … even though i do not want to talk for him, i think he will probably not deny what i am saying if i say that the both of us are much committed in making sure that the community here is much more than just words and something real and that all authors can find, help , assistance and a warm environment where they can find tools to further develop their potentials.

as for me, i have never seen this place as a competition one … and to be perfectly honest, among all the things that i feel blessed with being part of GR , the thing that makes me the most blessed with is , without the shadow of a doubt, the fact of having developed some real friendships - and this is definitely not an overstatement - with several authors here and to have got to know many people cool authors and and made very nice acquaintances that i have much pleasure to interact with

to further comment what @BenLeong mentioned i feel also happy that a the very large majority of people coming to the forums are very open minded to get to know how to “take their game to the next level” and that they are all - or almost - accepting suggestions and being thankful about the feed back that we are providing them with , though , they may not be the absolute exact reasons for rejections and may be subjective indeed. In my case i try to use my personal run and experience and try to make it profitable for other authors.

i would also like to mention that @mgscoder is part of the other deserving people that people can find here, part of these people who are of great help for others , especially when it comes to technique and “procedure” issues , just like a few other people that have not been mentioned here yet …

as a conclusion, thank u for “featuring” me, i highly appreciate it


yes pls let’s give it up for them :slight_smile: they deserve it


Yes, all those people who are listed @BenLeong really deserve gratitude for their good contribution to help and community development. And also I would like to take this opportunity and thank you @baileyherbert for the wonderful and very tool “Enseek”. And I would like to mention @PurpleFog the useful work with clients on the forums. And I almost forgot to mention the very fast quality work from the support of Envato, namely from the @Will4490.


Thanks for the shoutout, it’s very appreciated :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Happy New Year to Everybody here on Envato: Authors, Mods, Staff and Customers :slight_smile:

Excited to see what 2020 will bring us :wink:


I really appreciate the compliment, Ben! Always happy to help :slight_smile: Happy New Year! :confetti_ball:


Thanks so much to all my wonderful @Mods You guys volunteer your time and do so much for our authors and customers. We couldn’t run this place without you :grin:

Also a big shout out to my forum buddies @BenLeong and @steve_lam Thanks for for keeping things running and on track. Most of the time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Aww all the feels for the new year :slight_smile: Thanks of course to @BenLeong and @KingDog for not just being great on the forums, but also being lovely people but teaching me a lot within my first year here at Envato.

Some of the authors that I think contribute greatly to the forums have already been mentioned, but another part of my job is editing author interviews from our Worldwide events! Even though they may not all frequent the forums, their contribution is still important and so I just wanted to do a shout out to some of them!

Thanks heaps to @Veented, @Petrikis, @SoundRacoon, @codetipi, @OlexandrIgnatov, and @MaevCreativeSTUDIO. These are just a few of the authors who have contributed so far, there will be more to thank in the future, especially once I get started on the Worldwide Asia events!

And last but not least, to the @Mods, you all do a great job and we really appreciate the help!


Also a huge thanks to @hevada who had to step down from moderating due to commitments but who also made a huge impact with her helpful answers and always positive spirit. Thank you! :grin:


Woohoo :tada: This past year has been a whirlwind!
Last year, we launched Envato Worldwide and held Conferences in 14 cities across 11 different countries!
During the Conferences Envato staff met with a LOT of authors and talked about what’s happening in their industries, their current challenges/opportunities and their feedback for Envato.

From each event, we took away valuable insights and feedback that has been shared across the business and has real impact on the decisions we make that support our author community.

Today I’d like to give a shoutout to all the authors who worked with me to coordinate these Worldwide Conferences. I really appreciate your hard work and dedication, which helped to create unforgettable experiences for the local author community in your country.

Thank you to all of the Worldwide Lead Coordinators! :star:

@codetipi: London
@RedOctopus: Poland
@ThemeREX: Ukraine
@Carvine: Russia
@ThimPress: Vietnam - Hanoi
@NinjaTeam : Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City
@bukrie and @afahmy: Indonesia

I’d also like to shoutout everyone who attended the Worldwide Conferences! Thank you for being so warm and welcoming to myself and all Envato staff and for supporting your local community! We hope to see you again at future Envato Conferences :smiley:

Looking ahead in 2020 we hope to create more opportunities for authors to connect with Envato and each other in real life, all around the world :v:


@Mini_Lou thanks for a great time in Warsaw along with @jamesgiroux (again :wink: ) !

@BenLeong @steve_lam @KingDog thanks for your great work and for clearing out how you share respective duties here, I appreciate it.

I also have to give a shoutout to @PurpleFog who makes an awesome and constant work with people asking on customer and author forum about audio license and CID issues. And @Will4490 for a pro help in author support (it is Will B., right?). Another MVP goes obviously to @baileyherbert for the awesome Enseek.

And all my friends from the Community in Poland, Ukraine and all around the world. Cheers!


Thanks @steve_lam for the shout-out. It was super fun. I really enjoyed it. All the best to you :smiley:


I sincerely hope that everyone’s safe there in Victoria, Australia. I’m reading the news and it seems that the Victorian government declared a State Of Disaster yesterday. Stay safe, everyone! All the best and thank you @KingDog for your post! :hugs:


Hi @hevada!
It is a pity that you left the ranks of moderators (I did not even know), you did very well and worked great on the forums.Thank you very much for your work! All the best to you, and good mood! :wink:


My apologies for this off-topic.

Personal circumstances :frowning: my husband had an accident one day this summer and my child was ill, my cat needed medical treatment… so I had to step away from all my professional activities for a while. It hurts but it also makes you think…

Now everything is fine and slowly I am back in business :slight_smile:

It’s important to remember from time to time that people are the most important parts of our lives :wink: