2019 Envato Annual Public Impact Statement

Great Job. Keep Going :slight_smile:

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WoOoOow, It’s Amazing

Monthly Earnings for Top Elements Author $15,000

who is this person ? :joy: :joy:


Very Bad year on Envato’s Audiojungle in 2019… My progress was cut short by all the new policies and I’m sure a lot of other author’s too! Very unfair with Elements advertising on the market pages and that only a chosen few were invited! It killed the community right off this place, so I can’t grasp what you are grinning about, mate!
P. S. Why did you decide to kill new items exposure? Did it pay off in the long run?


Great job.
Thanks for sharing the awesome statement.
Best of luck for 2020 to cross $1B.

I’ve been selling on ThemeForest for almost 10 years and know all Envato’s stories. Actually i was part of one of the first batch of power elite author teams.

Had to leave that team and pursue my own path, and recently tried adding a new theme. Even though it’s as competitive as the top sellers, market for new items has been buried so deep that it’s likely to fail, unless promoted in rotation in the category pages, which surprisingly seems to be stuck with the same items for months. Yep, it’s hard in the upside down :smiley:

On the bright side though, i’m sure it’s fantastic for established authors and i seen amazing works from them.

I’m glad for Envato and entire crew and hope it’ll stay relevant for years to come.


Inspirational… Great :grinning:

Thx for this Collis.
Great to be part of Envato

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Thank you for report. I am glad Envato win as company, but honestly speaking this year is a worst year since 2012, when i joined Envato. Elements killed almost half of my sales, and my history and quality of my items were ignored and i as well as some top Authors were not invited on Elements, and at the same time every instance of my page, items, profiles and even basket were used as Elements ad. Guess what i felt. I applied multiple times with no results and no clear answers why my items were discriminated. So this year, sadly to speak, i lost my feeling that Envato is friendly to me. Price dumping, when authors set the price of item to minimal, lack of reasonable minimum allowed price, advertising items with price less than 11$ also killed idea of Author driven prices. From our regular prices of 20$ we now forced to set our prices to 11 and less to gain more exposure. I am very proud and thankful about my past experience with Envato, but sadly, not any more. Elite Lounge dead. We have no platforms to get answers on our questions. It is like knocking to closed doors, though it was not like this in the past. Please, do not forget us, small people, who also joined your road to success. Thanks


Hello! I also want my tracks to get here too. :innocent:

That’s Good !
Now I get my Hope !

@collis Congratulation its inspiring! Where can we see Annual Affiliate Earnings Report?

Hey all! Thank you for all the positive comments, and some interesting questions raised. I’ve started up a doc that I’m working on overnight to answer some of the topics brought up (it’s taking me a while as I want to write decent answers :slight_smile: Anyhow just wanted to let you know that I’m working on it! :nerd_face:


I join, friend. It is sad…


Thank you, Collis!

@collis Do you have any new earning opportunities in the pipeline? And do you have plans on expanding Market end Elements to other continents? Could it be desirable for example to offer multiple versions of the same item with language adjustments. a Chinese version, a Russian version…?

Thanks for sharing. Personally I like page 20. Community earnings +2M (+1.5%), stuff profit +0.7M (+63%). Envato earnings (???). While every year community is growing in overall the revenue of the each author has dropped.

It would be great to see an annual report about what wasn’t added. Like:

  • we still did not added a simple editor for editing item’s descriptions
  • we did not added something that can help author to manage discounts (i.e. original price field and discount price field, coupons system, etc.)
  • an so on

Mom’s friend’s son :hugs:

Sumptuously! Although my personal successes are very modest, I am glad that I am a small part of this great success. There are many more achievements ahead! Good luck Envato!

@collis Can you explain to authors why they should spend money on advertising their products when as soon as they land on the landing page they see a great big dirty banner saying they can get everything unlimited for a monthly fee? I feel like this question came up last year and we got a “we’ll see what we can do about it” and yet here we are a year later.

Can you also comment on how you seem to have given up on promoting the community through the elite program? Elite packages are delayed, the elite manager has been MIA for months etc Is it just a general shift of doing less for authors in this area now that you’ve reached this level of popularity (I understand the cost of hiring people needs to benefit both authors and you guys). Or is it just another reason for authors to have a wake-up call to realize that you’ve jumped ship to elements and we should too (not that most of us can anyway)?

This place used be active and bouncing with new author promotions, interviews, guides, articles that you guys put in so much effort to help organize. Now it seems that part of Envato has died or is being used now only for occasional things.

The one thing linking all these downgrades/cuts is the place where that giant banner leads to: elements. Is there anything for marketplace authors to be excited about in 2020?


@collis this place is growing so fast! Sometimes I dont understand many of the decisions of envato team but I hope that it is for the good of authors and Envato :slight_smile: I think that you could explain the strategy about the new sites like Elements, where it is going, what are the plans for the future. That could help us to adjust too!

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