2020 Envato Annual Public Impact Statement

Hello everyone,

Today, I’m excited to share with you the 2020 edition of Envato’s Public Impact Statement!

First published in 2018, we’ve been releasing an annual statement to be accountable publicly to our commitment of upholding our values and to making a positive impact for our customers, creative community, staff and stakeholders.

While the values and purpose of many companies were tested during this difficult year, I’m proud to say that the Envato community has come out the other side as strong as ever. This year’s Statement shines a light on some of the ways in which we helped our customers pivot to a digital-first world, how we continued to help our creative community reach new audiences, while also caring for our people and taking steps to be a more responsible corporate citizen. The statement also highlights some of the major milestones Envato reached this year such as becoming a certified B Corp and reaching 1 billion dollars in total community earnings.

Previous editions:

I hope you find it an interesting read. The team and I will be coming back to this thread on Friday (11th Dec) to answer any questions about the 2020 Public Impact Statement. We welcome your feedback as we aim to improve on our efforts each and every year.

As always, thank you for choosing to be part of the Envato community… and thank you for your trust.



That’s awesome,
The more creative we will be, the more shine we will do.
Congratulation for @hichameassi, @BenLeong and all people here.
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Great to see actual numbers in these reports now!

On elements are more active users than on market this year, so the shift has happened now. As elements is now officially bigger than market in terms of users, maybe it is time to give your authors the same payment options on elements as on market.

Paypal is good for small amounts, but we need Swift transfer on Elements. (Elements authors are requesting it in this topic)


Hi @hichameassi !
This is very interesting to read !!! If it were so for all authors with a good portfolio of almost 270+ items, so as to collect a measly 2 sales for December 2020 (as it is for me now)! Thanks for your report!
Good luck and have a nice day! :slightly_smiling_face:


This is very interesting to read !!!

Just awesome boss.
Thanks for sharing
See you tc

Very interesting Thanks for sharing

Great point! I would also add a wish of a possibility to move Elements in USA to avoid 30% taxation for most countries as USA has more agreements with most countries than Australia.


Hello Hichame,

thanks for keeping us up to date.

I have seen this topic is a Q/A so let me ask some questions. I am an AudioJungle top seller and active Community member, I write guides for other authors and organize meetups. So my questions are from the perspective of an active AudioJungle author:

  1. Are there any plans for attracting high end clients with bigger budgets? For example very expensive Premium Elements account with allowed broadcast use of music and simple collecting of PRO data might be a game changer in the industry (to be confronted with Envato audio Community).

  2. I’ve seen a rising number of clients from Asia, especially China. Many of them have budgets for bigger broadcast licenses and many of them like to buy expensive unique music. Are there any marketing actions aimed in the Asian markets, especially Chinese? They say Asian markets are the most important fields to expand these days.

  3. Third one will be a suggestion, not question. I think each market (especially AudioJungle) needs one specific staff member which should be a chain between staff and authors. Some kind of easily recognizable representative for each market instead of teams which manage all markets. This could avoid some communication problems and collect focused actual feedback instead of spread and foggy author opinions. By the way I have seen lately a rising number of feedback collecting actions on chosen issues which is nice!

Thanks for your attention and work. I wish all of us good luck,
Red Octopus


Great to see with you the 2020 edition of Envato’s Public Impact Statement! It is great that you share with us! thanks

what’s means Q&A and how to join a Q&A

I fully support this wish! Swift is really needed as an option for withdrawing funds from Elements!

Strange thing :thinking:
According to the report, the profit is growing every year.
We began to do more and better, but our profit is at the same level both on the market and on the Elements
Videohive continue falling every month.



overall community earnings are not the same as individual author earnings.

More authors with the same average earnings as last year equal higher earnings paid out overall.
Everyone might see a drop in revenue yet the overall community earnings rise.

One should also think about why Envato is only showing us a “cummulative earnings” graph, instead of a normal, per-year earnings graph :wink:


Good job!

Great…!! Congratulations…!! :tada: :bouquet: :ok_hand: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Thank you for your thoughtful questions and comments.

@Creattive, @Eduard_1337 and @MusicalSmile, I believe the teams are in the process of updating our payout systems, as a precursor to this. We’ll inform the community when new payout options become available.

@Eduard_1337, we don’t have any plans to move Envato Elements to the US at this stage as there is a very significant amount of work involved in such a change. We’ll let the community know if that changes in the future.

Firstly, thanks @RedOctopus for being such an active member of the Envato community!

In 2020 we released our Enterprise plan on Envato Elements which enables us to better meet the needs of such customers (and broadens our audience) through such things as custom licensing. This isn’t the only approach we’ll take in that space, but it is an important step towards understanding and meeting the needs of those customers.

Yes, we do have marketing activity aimed at Asian markets, and agree that this will be an important region for Envato’s continued growth. Internationalisation is of increasing importance to Envato, and we plan to deepen our offering in key markets next year.

Thanks for your suggestion. We take a lot of interest in what our Authors have to say. Our research teams are continually speaking with Authors, and we’re working through the feedback we receive. We also have a new Author Relationships team that will work with Authors and the community to help them develop and grow their business with us. This a great idea, and one that I’ll share with the team as encouragement.

Thanks @FrameStock and @Creattive. Good observations, and you are correct - the individual author picture can look a little different to the overall community picture. There’s a fine balance to strike when it comes to author and customer growth in a marketplace community. Both are needed, but if one outstrips the other then it leads to a worse experience for both groups.

In the 2018, 2019 and 2020 editions of the Public Impact Statement, we presented cumulative community earnings as it best demonstrated how we were tracking against our long-running goal of $1B in total community earnings – a goal that was set to keep us focussed on our purpose of creating impact for our community, and at scale.


Thanks everyone! I look forward to connecting with you again in the new year.