New milestone achieved: $750M in total community earnings!

This month, we have a new milestone to celebrate: as of April 2019, Envato’s authors have now made over $750M in total community earnings! The vast majority of that total represents Market author earnings, though it includes all the different groups who earn through our platforms, such as Elements authors and Studio service providers.

It’s been a little under two years since we reached the $500M community earning milestone in June 2017. We’re now tracking towards $1B in total community earnings, which we should reach in 2021.

You can read more details about it in our official press release, or see the infographics below for some highlights :slight_smile:


So wonderful to be part of this journey. Congratulations to all our authors and our amazing customers :grin:


As a Author very Glad to be part of this journey. Looking forward to our next destination $1bn total Community Earnings goal by 2021. Best of Luck to all Authors especially who are doing struggle with hard working. Thanks to all honorable Customers.


Impressing! Good luck for us all :slight_smile: I am honored to be a part of this community.


Great. I want to win the glory here, with this community :slight_smile:

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That’s cool!!! Success to us !!!


Amazing!! I am here almost from the begining and I hope this journey will keep on for many years :grinning::tada:

Looks like it is slowing down.

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Congratulations to Envato! :sunny: :sparkles::balloon::tada: Thank you for your report, Ben! I am happy that everything is so good for you (as the community has in total revenues)! :blush:
Income growth is there, but it is too low in 2 years for me (+$1700 net income in 1 year is not enough :blush: (amount of all 12 months), the total figure for me (only growth +$141 per month sadly :disappointed_relieved:)) and for many authors as well (who every day working tirelessly in the community Envato).

Next time do when you show off the total earnings of the market, divide into % of the authors into “poor”, “medium” and “elite” so that the present position of income is clear for author categories (and in fact, not everything is so good for all authors, especially for those who work here and even you can even say they “live here” day and night tirelessly working on Envato). Just my advice! :blush:
Good luck Envato! :blush:


@KingDog Most likely some elite authors, because many authors are in distress (not elite but the most ordinary authors, please pay attention to this too) in terms of sales and income, just a disaster, especially those who work around the clock here.
But I’m happy for Envato, this is progress, I think!:sunglasses: :+1:


Good chart


Why is 2019 on the chart? maybe my computer is showing the wrong date? is 2020 already here?

Question number two: why is 2019 ahead of all the previous years?

In 3 months, he made more income than all previous year.

Very poorly thought-out motivation… Not all people are as stupid as you think.

I don’t really see what you’re talking about. The graph shows total (cumulative) earnings across all marketplaces over time. Between 2018-2019, it shows a smaller climb than previous years, but that’s because it’s only April. We still have more than 7 months to go for 2019, and that marker will continue to climb.

Because the milestone was reached this month (which happens to be in 2019). If we did not include 2019 in the graph, then there would be no point in including the graph because it would have no relation to the milestone.

Because the graph is showing total (cumulative) earnings, not “earnings per year,” so unless something is severely wrong and every buyer is disputing payments for the last few years, it is impossible for 2019 to be lower than previous years.


2019 will be relevant in 2020. This is the same as if the income statement for 2019 was provided now , and not in April 2020.

If this schedule is made for beauty you need to report it.

I understood it as if 2019 was the most profitable of all.

Nah mate, it’s not showing annual profit. The graph itself states very clearly that it is showing “total community earnings” up to “early 2019.” The very purpose of the graph is to show the trend that got us to where we are now (April 2019)! :slight_smile:

Good. Each point marked with a time interval (08, 09, 10.) shows the level of profit? If that’s the case, then why is point 19 higher than the others? I understand what you’re saying, but the chart itself doesn’t look correct.

Go to, and scroll all the way down. You will see “$713,800,000 community earnings” on the bottom right. That’s what this graph is showing (plus the earnings from Elements and Studio), except it’s showing the history of that number. It’s not per-year, it’s all-time. This graph is far less significant than you are taking it for.

I understood 2019 already the most profitable) that’s Right, why wait for it to end)