2018 Envato Annual Public Impact Statement

Hi Community!! :wave:

I don’t make it on to the forums like I once used to, but I’m excited to pop in this week because we’re publishing our Inaugural Annual Public Impact Statement.

It’s a bit of a report on how we did in 2018 at a high level, and across the three main dimensions of our community - customers, authors, and stakeholders. The aim is to create a little more transparency on what we do.

Once upon a time I would have made this in a proper design tool, but these days since I CEO all the time, I made it in Google Slides, which is surprisingly awesome for such things!

View the 2018 Public Impact Statement here
View the Blog Post

I hope you find it interesting! The team and I will be coming back to this thread over the next 4-5 days to answer questions about the report. I know these kinds of discussions can easily go off on a tangent (especially with a huge topic area like this!), but I’m going to try to keep us on topic: the Annual Public Impact Statement :slightly_smiling_face:



Yay, let’s see it :clap::tada::heart_eyes:

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Thanks for the update @collis, it’s great to see you around on the forums again mate! Long time since the FlashDen days! :smiley:


:grinning: Thank yoU! It sure has been a while!!!


You have no idea how much everyone missed you!!..
Thank you! Reading now :wink:

Thank You! Sir, @collis It is a great news. In the success of Envato, our success, a post by a CEO matter a lot for us, and morale booster. Hope it will continue as it is… Serving clients from worldwide matter a lot for me from a desert and small underdeveloped area, Envato gave me that chance. I left my Ph.D. and college because of the addiction to Envato and Its Community, :slight_smile:
Thank you again for introducing “The Envato” to the world.
Happy Connectivity!


Hi Collis

Cong! You and us…

Do you take some complaints and recommendations directly from here? We need to improve Themeforest Html and WordPress categories, authors losing all your times and there are problems on these categories. You can hire trusted authors/staff to check product qualities before to sending review.

If you answer, I can offer you an excellent list, as a result of 6 years of experience.


Hi @collis

Congrats with great stats and nice to see you here on the forum! Interesting report and it´s awesome to see that Envato is doing well.

As I know how valuable constructive criticism is I would like to share my impression: It would be really nice to have more in depth stats about each marketplace. As my interest is primarily AudioJungle, its a bit thin to only read about PinkZebra´s great achievement with 100 000 sales but nothing else. He deserves every sale, don´t get me wrong.

I also have an idea how to improve AudioJungle´s stats for 2019 (sorry if this is slightly off topic): Hire a music licensing/marketing specialist to slowly start rebranding/updating the whole AJ business model towards customers who have medium/high budgets for music. Different customer markets would love it, the Envato bank account would love it. Some additional staff working with AudioJungle would as a bonus also help out with the Envato/Author communication, where many excellent ideas are lost.

Believe it or not but its quite some money to be collected here for your annual reports in a long term view, considering all the outstanding talents that are floating around in AJ. Not all the valuable authors can fit into the subscription model :slight_smile:


Thanks @cyzer!! :slight_smile:

@UltimateKode - wow that’s amazing, and glad to hear it’s a morale booster. I love that your profile is promoting the idea of donating to charity to help children! Good work!!!

@Ninetheme - this thread probably isn’t the place for complaints and recommendations as I think it will take over the thread but I appreciate that there is more we can do for ThemeForest (and all the marketplaces). WordPress and HTML are still super important categories for Envato, and one we are working to improve on both the content side and customer side.

@MojoSoundtrackMusic - good call, I love PinkZebra - but you’re right he’s far from the only success story on AudioJungle. And there is a much deeper talent pool. We’ve focused a lot this year on getting video and audio into Elements to round out the subscription offering - but you’re right that not all customers want to purchase that way, and it’s not right for every situation at all (bigger budgets, more exclusive use cases, and much more).

Thanks all - it’s getting a bit late here (and I’m old these days :slight_smile: so I’m off to bed, but will check in in the morning again!!


Heya @collis, let me throw a few questions in the mix! :smiley:

I see that this report focuses mostly on the progress, achievements and development of Envato Elements and the acquisition of PlaceIt . Don’t get me wrong, personally, I see and understand exactly what market share of users is targeted by Elements and by the Marketplaces, but it seems the focus is set on the Subscription based System, and not a lot of detail given about the Marketplaces.

That being said, I see no mention of individual Marketplaces, specifically, the thing that I’m sure most of us would love to hear/see, is how the marketplaces are evolving? New users? Overall sales compared to previous years per individual Marketplace. What’s the status of each one of them? Can we get a report like the one made for Elements?

This year ( 2018, in case this gets read later on ) has generated great debate on the forums about the health and overall evolution of the Marketplaces. Personally, as a moderator, I can see that Envato is constantly growing and evolving, with new users showing up all the time compared to previous years.

To cut to the chase, it would be awesome to see statistics on the growth of individual marketplaces as well for 2018. Other than that, I love you guys, and it’s always awesome to see Envato is investing in growth, Elements and PlaceIt proving that Envato’s future is set in growth! :smiley:

Keep rocking guys!


Thanks @enabled -

Great question! We sure can create more of a Marketplace report in our future impact statements for sure.

At a high level Market revenue is on par to the same time last year — which is to say, it’s big and healthy.

Every day thousands of new customers arrive for the first time and make purchases, and an even larger cohort are returning. So that overall we’re still seeing the over 2.2M active customer base cited in the report (which is largely Market). It’s an enormous number of customers and means there’s still a lot of opportunity to make sales and attract customers to products.

But there is a lot happening inside the overall engine as some markets are rising (audio, video), others are slowing down (graphics, photos), and others are just at a mature stage of high volume (themes).

A lot of the change is driven by macro trends outside Envato, so for example - audio/video is a huge growth market in the world because of the increasing accessibility of both tools and platforms (like YouTube and Instagram) leading to more video content, more video ads, and more demand for content for it all. On the other hand graphics and photos are in a world where there is a huge amount of bundling and free content out there that simply didn’t exist ten years ago, meaning customers have more choice of how they get their assets, and even whether they pay for them.

I’ll have a think how to bring in more of this info in a sensible way next year as part of the report so that its digestible (as there are so many micro trends mixed in).

Overall Envato is growing (record sales, record community earnings, etc), and Market is a strong and healthy part of that, with lots of new opportunities in there!


Pure awesomesauce! Thanks @collis! Here’s to another great year! :beers:


Hi Collis, this is great news. Us music authors really believe we can get those numbers higher. ADP has been incredible. I personally have seen great revenue growth from selecting my own prices. Please do realize that the high end customer can and will become great friends of Envato with some tweaks to the music licenses.
Please check out some music threads to gain some more insight on our thoughts.

The revenue growth of this company over the last 10 years is extremely impressive. Congratulations on your continued growth and impact in the digital media space.


Someone has been putting some work into making this report.
We appreciate it being presented by @collis himself!

Let’s beat these numbers in 2019!


Hi @collis,

It was really nice to see all this info about Envato, I strongly believe that the market overall is making new opportunities for us authors here and that there is no space for worries (a note cuz a lot has been said in the forums about the market dying).

Me as a videohive author, that only recently started uploading new content after 5 years I have experienced only positive impact and I m more and more motivated to share my work and upload to the market.

I just want to point out that videohive was just a curiosity when I uploaded my first couple of items, after 5 years of seeing that my items are still selling no matter how few of them are there…I wanted to make more be a part of this community and just to see to what heights can I go on this market.

Thank you for creating this awesome place and doing so much good in the world.
Big Love


Hi, @collis,
I didn’t juite catch the sentence - To help customers get their job done, we want them to switch from ‘shopping’ to ‘making’.
What can it mean for us as Envato authors?

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Curios about that 2, Does this mean that the market is going forward only towards subscription based system?

Or just as an addition while the non subscription based market will still be developed.

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