We need more Payout options for Elements, what about Swift?

Hi Envato and @steve_lam ,

we really need more Payout options for Elements. Why are there less options on Elements than for Market? Elements earns me comparable amounts to videohive these days, but I have to pay much more banking fees. (And Payoneer still cannot be used with my account, whyever…)

Please at least introduce the Swift option, I am fine with paying the $25 dollar swift fee I pay on market.

Elements authors, what do you say?



+1 for Swift option on Elements


I am with you Tobi . Also, I am ready to pay $25*2 for swift option cause Envato is deserved the best from us also.
Please, @steve_lam
Please, @hichameassi
That will give us more relief and financial security with clear mind. So, we can produce more items with best results

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That’s true - we need “swift” payout option for elements (or something like transferwise / revolut). Unfortunately Paypal is always problem and now Payoneer is problem too (no contact with their support etc).

Situation is very serious.

Peace :wink:

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+1 for SWIFT

EE > Payoneer > Swift
Or EE > Paypal > Bank Account, even Visa Card?

Payoneer works excellent for me , but support for adding Swift if majority of authors want

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You can get the money to your bank account with the existing options, sure, but you pay up to 5% in my case. Which can be quite a lot of money when you earn substantial money on Elements.

Paypal fees are horrendously high.


Payoneer is still a very good option for me. But I’m ready to pay much more just for ability to do not have any kind of “middle man” between me and Envato.
All services like Paypal, Skrill, Payoneer, etc. have too many power on our funds, while their job is only to transfer money.

I don’t know, maybe someday bitcoin or something else will be the alternative. But right now I feel myself and my income is not so much protected.
And if Payoneer for some unknown reason ban me. That would be an end of my Envato career, because I have no alternatives. And I think it’s not only my problem. It’s also Envato problem, that can lose a lot of author.

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@secondfalseiteration Yes, If demand is high, and in that case yes, the supply will be more less and more costly as Payoneer can effect more low cost expenses, so as a results the directions of customers will change toward other markets as an alternative, this is one option. The other option when other markets hear of this may be they will give more ways for the withdrawn authors depend on their situation or the final option, authors from certain parts of the world will lose their business on the digital world ( markets ).

+1 for SWIFT

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any ETA for Swift @steve_lam ?

@steve_lam - I agree - swift / or / revolut / transferwise option is needed.

+1 for SWIFT, help @steve_lam

You are raising a very important problem here, but I think Swift can be a solution for you and those who makes big amount of money here on Elements.
But for those who makes only a few hundreds of dollars monthly, paying 25$/transaction it’s a lot. And there are many more which makes a small amounts of money than those like you.
For example HardEdgeie, which makes a small amount has no advantage of transferring money with SWIFT, for him it’s better with Paypal despite that Paypal takes 5%. So before supporting SWIFT we should do some math.

I think we need to come with some solutions which benefits for all of us. For all the categories of income. Personally I don’t know which other transferring money companies are on the market at this time. But those who knows should help us in this area.

PeakStar proposed Revolut and Transferwise. What are the advantages of working with these companies in terms of transaction’s fees, time and others?

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The issue for me Paypal doesn’t support my country and so that I prefer swift. Another solution for high fee is holding payment as TS does plus it depends on how far is the country and it can be send or not.
Another one is Western Union

hehe You answered your own question in your next post.

But this is not only about time - fees etc. Problem with Payoneer is deeper - on paypal and payoneer (on payoneer for sure) you can get your money frozen just like that - for example address verification - from nowhere. And after you submit your documents you are waiting month and more for review. Contacting support is almost impossible.

I have no problem to pay fees if I can do my job in peace - NOT hunting for support on their chat for 2 weeks to get my money back. :slight_smile:

Check here what is Payoneer doing :


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You’re right about the process of verification with Payoneer it’s a pain in the … I’ve went through it two times but for those of us who are ok with Payoneer payment system it should stay , Envato can add one or more payment providers beside the existing ones

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I am not saying that payoneer should be removed -no. Additional option should be added, like Transferwise, Revolut or normal bank transfer. :slight_smile: