Introducing a New Item Category - Template Kits

You may have heard in our 2019 Annual Public Impact Statement, but if not then we’re pretty excited to be letting you know for the first time! Envato is launching Template Kits, a brand new category of items on ThemeForest.

A Template Kit is a collection of pre-designed starter templates for page builders (such as Elementor) that share a cohesive visual style, with no coding required. They can include a range of templates for things such as home pages, headers and footers, pop-ups, products and much more.

Why are we doing this?

Page builders are growing at a fast pace. With the introduction of Gutenberg in 2018, adoption of page builders is continuing to accelerate. Third-party page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder and Brizy are also gaining momentum. We think there’s a big future in store for page builders and we’re pumped to be launching the largest collection of premium Template Kits in the world.

This is a great opportunity for authors to get into an emerging market nice and early - from those who are already designing beautiful themes, to graphic designers who may not have a coding bone in their body. Wherever you are, across the design spectrum, we want to invite you to get involved and be part of this new marketplace category.

The details

Template Kits will initially launch on ThemeForest for Elementor. We think that Template Kits are an ideal item type for customers who regularly create web pages so we expect to launch this item type on Elements at a later date. To keep things straightforward for Template Kit authors, when submitting your items, you’re agreeing to these items being available for both ThemeForest and Elements.

Some other quick initial requirements:

For those interested in becoming a Template Kits author, you can let us know now by filling in this form!

For further information on this opportunity, we’ve created a couple of resources to help authors.

We would love for you to be part of our launch collection.


What is the buyer fee for template kits on ThemeForest? What about the recommended item price for a template kit?
Also, can we use our own addons/plugins to extend the functionality of elementor for templates? (e.g. pricing tables, popups, faqs, particles etc)


About own addons/plugins:

  • A Template Kit can require free Third Party Plugins / add ons for Elementor, as long as those add ons are hosted on the plugin repository. Premium plugins/add ons are not allowed, apart from Elementor Pro.

I already had several questions for this and I got answers and I want to share (also to confirm) with other authors.

From Template Kit Requirements:

  • A Template Kit must be optimised to work with the Hello theme from Elementor.

I was asking can we use some other theme for demo (our themes which are approved on ThemeForest) and answer was - No - it must be Hello Theme.

So, that will mean, I must use Hello theme navigation (I am talking about menu layout) or to use Elementor Pro to create a own Header/Menu or to create Header/Menu using some free addon from This will mean, I must almost create a whole “new theme” and I am vary limited because I can not use own code, even own CSS code.

Also, I have asked to use Elementor Pro (it is ok to use it) and to use CSS field for widget (this is not available in free version) and the answer was - No - we can’t use that CSS field for custom code.

So, we can use Elementor Pro, but not all his options (CSS field).

Also, it was told me that we can not use any class or ID for elements - so, that will mean that we can not have links inside the page (no “Intra-document Linking”) because for this we need ID’s.


From Template Kit Requirements:

  • A Template Kit can not include custom CSS.

And here - is a text which say:

Make sure any custom styling via CSS is fully responsive!

Which custom CSS when is not allowed? (or I don’t understand some parts).


Many many times we heard from Envato staff that Envato Market and Elements are targeted to different types of customers, but now, with this new category you are forcing us to have the item in both platforms, we can’t choose to just upload it on Themeforest. Seems to go against the freedom of the author over their own items. Or we interpreted wrong? Thanks


You’re welcome to link to documentation on how internal linking can work with IDs or 3rd party plugins.

I hope to see Template Kits include a number of re-usable block templates. So having IDs spread about in different blocks would be a bad experience. I would like to be able to import 6 different templates onto a page, and link the button at the top to the block at the bottom, without worrying about clicking on every node in the document to find where a mystery ID is located so I can change or remove it.

I might also want to import the template twice onto a single page, in which case having hard coded IDs would cause customer frustration. Using a # link on buttons is more than acceptable.

(Please also don’t hard code demo links on buttons, as customers will import and may not change things, using a # for the href is ideal)


Right on time, that’s just an awesome marketing move! You got my love back Envato!


I think, It was needed very much! It’s one of the best decision at this time. best of luck!


Does it mean that we can not use the Elementor Pro feature of custom CSS?


Yep - we can’t use custom CSS feature.


All other content that does not contain images of people or property must be appropriately licensed for use by the customer in their end product according to the applicable Envato license (Market and/or Elements). You may use CC0 content but it is you, not the CC0 source, who is responsible for ensuring the content is suitable for use on Envato

i.e. we still can use photos from unsplash (without people/property/brands/trademarks/), correct?


So, We Have To Create Elementor Blocks With Only Elementor Or Elementor Pro Page Builder And Also We Can Use Any Plugins Which Is Available On

No Custom CSS
No Custom Plugins

I Thinks Our Kits Will Be Published In This Plugin Under Premium Category

@CocoBasic @dtbaker Am I Right?


Yes - I am guessing.

What have confused me on start is that they have sent this as inspiration for our kit and all this kits have a menu (navigation part) and if you check the kits here they are all without menu’s (navigation) - just “regular templates”.

So, I guess our Kits should have menu/navigation part because they will be also on ThemeForest as separated Templates Kits - not only a part of Elements Kit.


They said Unsplash will not be allowed. Envato Elements or Twenty20 are allowed only I guess.


You may also use graphics and images you have created yourself or have licensed, provided they are suitable for license to customers under the applicable Envato license.


Right on time, that’s just an awesome marketing move! You got my love back Envato! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That’s really good.


How many of you guys are going to create kit by mid-March


Hopefully a lot of you. I’m looking forward to a grand launch. :smiley: