New Author: Help needed in uploading my First Elementor Kit Tempalte

Hi there i am a new author on Envato and i wanna sell Template Kits built using elementor. I have worked hard for over 2 weeks to create my very first Template Kit. But before i upload it i wanna ask opinions from fellow authors if my template kit is eligible to upload or not ? I don’t wanna be rejected the first time and banned from uploading that template ever again as i have worked very hard for it.

Here is the demo of my first template

Please let me know if it is at the standards of Envato and shall i go ahead with uploading it ?

If you think i can improve on some things then please do tell me.

I have followed all instructions of envato templatekit requirements like not using any premium plugin except for Elementor Pro, no use of any custom css, all images are sourced directly from envato only. Use of Hello elementor theme etc…i have followed it all.

So please tell me shall i go ahead with the upload or i can improve on something ?

You won’t be banned if you get rejection, you can upload and see the outcome

Okay do you think the template i made is nice ?

I’m not sure about “KIT” category standards so I can’t comment.