Question about Elementor Kit

Hi, I have some questions about an Elementor template kit, I have a rather advanced/complex design which I’m worried will get hard rejected. Everything aligns with the guidelines, however…

  1. Will I need to create a guide on how to edit the sections.
  2. Is there someone I can contact, who can check the design and see what I mean by complex, and will it get approved.

I just don’t want to jump the gun upload the design, with a chance it will be rejected no matters what.

  1. Basic documentation would be enough
  2. It’s the “Reviewer” who’s going to check the item at the end of the work. No matter what the users here said, it’s their decision to accept the item for sale


You can email us at if you have any questions about template build before you submit. In general, the kit has to be pretty straightforward and not require walking through a guide, because Elements users will not have documentation unless you include a Style Guideline template that has a documentation link (this is still not very reliable since most users won’t import it). The most complex you can go is using content blocks and elements that import them e.g. Premium carousel that shows custom slide templates (you can see examples of this in kits made by DeTheme or Themesflat). Your kit must also import exactly like the demo without any customization or backend configuration. In brief, someone with no or little web building experience would need to be able to setup your kit in under 10 minutes for it to meet our commercial demand guidelines of simplicity. (We kindly refer to this as the ‘mom’ test) - if you can, ask a relative or friend to test your setup and give you feedback.