I’m just working on a new Template Kit for Elementor and wondering what the current standards are for how it is constructed? I haven’t released one since the beginning of the year and want to create it the right way in the new version of Elementor. Any tips for using the “site settings” features? Visit Site Any reviewers able to give a link to standards? Looking for the best guidance



The following requirements are 99% accurate still:

Some additional advice I can give you is:

  1. All of the typography settings need to be under Site Settings > Theme Styles and Global Fonts. Elements in the layouts need to have the correct heading tag or else use the globe icon to set a font style (dont use the pencil to set typography). Bonus points if you also setup your colors in Global Colors and work off of that palette in all of the template elements.

  2. Your images need to be optimized. Make sure they aren’t larger than 2500px or 250kb. Photos should not have preprocessed overlays, text, graphic treatments etc the user would lose if they swap it out - design as much as possible in the builder. Doing basic photo correction is ok (if you need to add transparency to a mascot or correct color balance etc) Basically just keep in mind that the whole thing must be customizable.

You’re welcomed to email us at extensions@envato.com if you have any additional questions while you work on a kit (I just will not be able to review the item until you submit it)