I want to be Elementor Template developer but I have questions

Hello, I am aiming to sell on Themeforest by preparing an Elementor Template.
I have read the content named “How To Create A Template Kit” published in Envato, but I still want to ask my questions, because I want to be sure and consolidate the knowledge. Please be kind to me.

My questions;

  1. What pages should it consist of when creating an Elementor Template to be fit for sale? (The Envato article states that it should consist of a Minimum of 10 Templates/Blocks/Sections, but what should they be?)
  2. From which site should I use the images while creating a template? I have an Envato Elements subscription but don’t have a subscription, can I still use images from Envato Elements?
  3. What should I write in the “Title Texts” and “Description Texts” when creating the template? I think using Lorem in all of the explanations would seem offensive to the person viewing the template. Or how do you fill the Title and Description sections in your design to make it look professional while you are creating a Template or Theme?
  4. Can I use Elementor Pro when creating the templates?

My suggestion, Elementor and Visual composer won’t survive for the following years. There’re too many template kits etc so it’s most likely you will be rejected but better to focus on Gutenberg/block editor

Hello Komiser,

  1. This is the minimum requirements I am talking about: 8 unique pages plus a header and footer template would meet the minimum requirements of Elementor Template kits
  2. You will need Envato Elements Subscription to use their images. But you can use free images which is GPL license but make sure the image does not represent any person or popular places.
  3. For title text you can write meaningful words but for description, it’s ok to use lorem ipsum dummy text
  4. For template kits yes you can use Elementor Pro.

I hope this will help you.

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My apologies for a late reply but we don’t generally check the forums that often. For questions related to review, please email the author team and we can provide you with a link to the full guide for creating Template Kits which will answer a lot of these questions.

To confirm kaththeme, an Elements subscription is required if you want to include photos of recognizeable people in your item. Beginning Aug 1 we will require each kit to have a separate project under your subscription and a linked collection URL to any elements assets used in the item.

We review first time submissions with more detail than usual so don’t worry too much if you miss details - we’ll help you through it as long as the design itself is high-level.

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Is gutenberg editor in demand tho?

It’s official WordPress editor and WordPress could promote it as they wanted. It probably will be.

Okay so as you said, There are too many template kits, meaning too much competition in the elementor section. So isn’t there high competition in gutenberg product too?