Using Free HELLO Themes with Elementor Pro for Selling Elementor Template on Themeforest

Hello everyone.

Can I use free themes like HELLO THEME and make a TEMPLATE using ELEMENTOR PRO. So through that can I Sell this Template on themeforest??


My question was pretty much close to yours… that’s why I searched forum for possible answers. I’ve seen people asking the right questions and then TF staff or moderators providing really funny answers. Something like: “I doubt envato would do it as then they would have to do the same for WP Bakery etc.” WTF?!? Anyhow…

With Elementor there’s no need for ANY specific theme, be it Hello, Divi , you name it. If you build pages with Elementor you can export-import at will. You are dealing with DESIGNED templates. They will be 99.5% identical with any theme.
So, I guess if they open “Elementor category” who’s going to buy all of that suddenly useless themes?

However, you can do sell Elementor Templates