How to create and sell Elementor Themes in Themeforest ??

I have figured out that one of the best drag and drop website builder is Elementor.
I have also seen many themes showing supported by Elementor in Themeforest.
My question is “Do I have to create a wordpress theme by coding or by Elementor to sell on Themeforest ?”

That would be your last concern as you need to get the item approved first. After, you can add other options such as Visual composer as well but this is a second step.

Thanks for the answer.
You mean all the themes showing supported by Elementor are coded and the Elementor is only acting as an additional support ??

What I’m saying is the big issue ( challenge ) here to get your WordPress item approved as the first step as the submission requirements has been changed

Yeah the major issue is to get approved.
But I have a query on How to make an Elementor theme and upload it to Themeforest.
“I install Hello theme by Elementor and customize it fully with all new design and export it and upload it to Themeforest” - This is the process to make and upload it on Themeforest, Right??

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