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hi everyone
I have a question
Is it possible to order and sell hello elementor template with pro elemntor and unlimited elemntor plugins for sale in Forrest theme?

  • A Template Kit must contain templates for a single site builder.
  • A Template Kit must be created with Elementor and/or Elementor Pro
    • Please note: We plan to be “builder agnostic” and in the future our Export plugin will support any popular, modern site builder that has an open source free version, with a reliable import/export feature.
  • A Template Kit must be optimised to work with the Hello theme from Elementor.
    • Please note: We may change our recommended Template Kit theme in the future.
    • The Template Kit live demo must be running the Hello Theme from Elementor.
    • The Template Kit must not require a theme other than Hello on the import screen.

More details here:

sorry again
I didn’t quite understand?
I mean, I can sell the template, but with these conditions?

Assuming you are talking about Template Kit then check the requirements I provided link in my reply.

Hi, What is the " Template Kit" plugin? I mean what benefit provides or is it a requipment for anything? If it is, for what? There are only 300 active installation for it, so I wonder what is it?


We do not allow any premium plugins to be requirements for Template kits, including Unlimited Elements. Required plugins must be available on the Wordpress.org repository and not include template libraries, ask for upgrades, require configuration outside of elementor builder or conflict with Elementor Pro. The following plugins are OK to use:

Awesome contactform7 for Elementor
Clever Addons for Elementor
Elementor Header Footer blocks
Elements for Elementor
Events addon/ NicheAddons
Full Screen Menu for Elementor
Image Hover Effects for Elementor
JetWidgets for Elementor
NavMenu Addon
PostGrid Elementor Addon
Powerpack Lite
Sticky Header effects for Elmentor
Elementor Pro

To ensure template kits meet a high commercial standard, we have a set of guidelines you must follow when designing the templates, and a et of technical requirements for how the kit must be packaged for sale. To make this really easy for you, we have a plugin called Template Kit Export which is used to setup the templates, media licensing, screenshots and export file. The low number of installs is due to the plugin only being used by professional authors creating kits for us.

Our kits all require/use Hello Elementor as the baseline theme. You would not actually be packaging or reselling the theme or the plugins - users can use any theme they want and you will choose which plugins are needed by your kit during export and the plugin will install them for the user when your kit is imported. If you are interested in creating elementor templates for us, please take a read through these two documents:

Then go through this process to create your kit.

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so can I sell my wordpress theme without “template kit” plugin and its requipments? My theme made for elementor and it has many unique elementor widgets.The widgets comes from a theme plugin.Theme doesnt work without the plugin.

Normally, the plugin workable with every elementor theme such as hello elementor

but themeforest wordpress theme requipments article says that if your theme has unique and complex functions, for example creation custom post types, you must insert the functions to a plugin, not a theme functions.php.

So, I added the essential functions for the theme to the plugin as theme-options.php.The plugin require once by php to the php file.So, the plugin is workable for only my theme now.

I can call the theme-options.php with another plugin.So, the elementor widget plugin can workable every elementor theme also my theme can work with its all functionality.

Must I do it?

Also must I upload my elementor widget plugin to wordpress wordpress repository ? I dont want upload it to there because I want to give it for only my themeforest customers.

Also the template kit article says that template kit must need any css file.Why? What is the logic of this request? I created my wordpress theme from a themeforest html template.So, the theme requires some css and js files, such as bootstrap etc. So, Cant I make template kit from my theme widget plugin?



Template Kits and themes are two different things.

A theme is installed via the WordPress theme install interface and includes all of the basic WordPress templates, stylesheets and plugins. The templates that come with themes typically do not work with other themes because they rely on custom CSS and JS. This sounds like what you would like to submit.

A template kit is just the elementor layouts and works with any theme because everything in the layout comes from elementor or elementor extensions.In general, Template kits offer the user more versatility and freedom of customization in a lightweight package rather than locking them into a specific theme. We do not allow custom css in template kits because it makes customization difficult and the template kit review process does not include code review since templates are all visual.

If you would like to submit a full theme that uses elementor and your own plugin, you would follow these rules, not the one for template kits:

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Hello Vailjoy
do you mean “Elements for Elementor” from Unlimited Elements for Elementor - https://unlimited-elements.com/