Elementor Marketplace - coming to ENVATO ??

Is Elementor templates marketplace ever coming to Themeforest ??? Hello Envato. Time to wake up. (Link removed)

You can already buy themes using elementor here


Already included Elementor

Guys I am not talking about Wordpress themes with included elementor. I am talking about pure ELEMENTOR TEMPLATES.

Elementor is just a page builder plugin. To quote the other site you originally linked:

" Elementor theme - is ANY WordPress theme that is 100% compatible with this builder, with its help you can create all possible and/or impossible layouts, that are not limited by the functionalities of the builder itself.

Elementor template - is a set of building blocks, that are modified with the help of Elementor builder. The template can be added to any website built with Elementor builder. These templates can differ in terms of design and can be altered without modifying original theme files."

All that other site is doing is separating these out as a specific category. I doubt envato would do it as then they would have to do the same for WP Bakery etc.

Most likely is you will start to see more and more ‘templates’ being added to CodeCanyon like these https://codecanyon.net/search/elementor%20template