How to Upload Envato templates into Elementor

Hi. I need you guys help with uploading templates from Envato Elements into Elementor. My problem is when I go to this site and I go to templates packages that I like and download one. It has multiple pages in the download and it’s in a zipped file.

In these templates( downloaded from the actual website not the plugin) is it possible to Import whole pages like I do from the downloaded plugin elements Envato. I see on it gives you multiple templates into each download.

Do I have to piece the pages together or is a way to import these pages whole like I saw in the Live Previews . Its a lot of files in the downloads that has pictures , buttons etc. Thanks for your help in advance.

Please any help would be gladly appreciated !!

Your first post doesn’t make much sense. What are you trying to install? Is this:

Hi thanks for your reply back. The templates are here.
that I need to download. thanks again

That’s a HTML template - it can’t be used on WordPress

Oh Wow!!! Thats why !! Where would someone use those HTML templates since you can’t on Wordpress ?

Also can you please tell me where in Envato Elements, that I can find Pre Built webpages that I can use? I’ve paid for the monthly service already. Thanks again.

WordPress is just one CMS - HTML templates are ideal and lighter weight for websites - just requires editing of the code rather than via an admin. are all elementor related themes - bear in mind that elements subscription does not come with the same support or updates that a theme bought from Themeforest does

You just taught me a lot just in those few lines. I really appreciate you for this. I have paid for Elementor Pro and Envato Elements. But now your saying I will possibly have to get a paid version of Themesforest.

Not exactly.


  • Access to all of these themes (although you can sometimes use Elementor on other themes too)

  • No support

  • No guarantee of theme updates


  • Themes bought individually

  • Support is included for 6 months free and there’s an option to pay to extend this

  • Lifetime access to theme updates as long as they are provided by the author

    The right option depends on what you want to achieve -

  • Elements is great if you want the volume to test options (you must be subscribed when compiling a project, so cannot stockpile items).

  • If you are just working on one project and therefore only need one theme, then ThemeForest may be best

Im actually building websites for clients, so I need an Unlimited amount. But when you have no support like with Elements its a huge headache. Whats another type service like these two, that offers templates for Wordpress and support? Paid or either non paid services.

  • I don’t personally know of any sites that comes close to the quality and quantity that envato and/or elements offer

  • Even those who offer more support (these tend to be sites that own the content i.e. they develop the themes themselves and are not just reselling other authors work, so have far less choice) tend of only offer basic support such as theme updates and you cannot rely on authors (envato or any other marketplace) to address client requests

  • The whole point of plugins like Elementor is that it’s easy to build sites from scratch. If you need to work with created sites then I would strongly suggest sticking to Themeforest (more choice, updates etc.) and have clients buy the theme (NOT you) as future updates and support will only be accessible to the buyer account so if you part ways then they will not be able to access what is rightfully theirs, on an as-needed basis

With respect – if you are not aware of the difference between HTML and WordPress, or how themes are installed then are you sure offering client work is a good idea?

You cannot do this properly (esp. if you are US-based) if you rely on a third party author or website, and could very easily find yourself needing to employ freelance help which could run costs up (any half-decent developer will be between $50 - $100+ an hour) very high and very fast. You also take a huge risk of potential legal trouble if things go wrong with people’s sites or worse still their data etc.

Thanks for your info.Ive created multiple sites before in Wordpress . Im just starting to learn Elementor and Elements .

But After a Template is downloaded from Elements in a zip file. How do I upload this into Elementor ?

It’s difficult to answer without knowing what the item is and how you plan to use it.

(this is generalising and each item may be different):

  • Elementor based themes from elements or themeforest you install like any other WP theme and edit using Elementor.

  • Other WP themes not based on Elementor may work with Elementor to some extent but won’t be optimised for it and will require more effort.

FYI if a theme comes with a page builder e.g. WP Bakery, then it’s best to stick to that to avoid manual coding and bloating the theme.

  • If you are talking about importing Elementor blocks or templates from an existing theme for the purpose of using it on different projects, then you will still need to import the theme and copy these from there.

  • There is also the Elements plugin which has further kits and assets which are imported and installed directly to the plugin library.

  • HTML templates, joomla or other non-WP category items will never work with WP or Elementor

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