I have questions about Elementor Template Kits development

Hello, I am Elementor user for many years and I create my own custom themes. Now I want to be on Themeforest. However, I have some questions. I wanted to open this topic to get clear answers to my questions.

My questions;

  1. Can I use images, icons, logos from Pexels or Freepik in the template I will design? (Free Images Only)
  2. If I create the same UI designs that are shared for free on the internet as Elementor Template, will I have a problem?
  3. When creating Elementor Template, can I download the image in google images or in a different part and use it in my template? (I don’t know if the image I want to use has the license right)
  4. In order for me to share the Elementor template I prepared on Themeforest, the template must have a minimum of pages? (What are the must-have pages in the template?)

Besides my questions, I look forward to getting involved with people or if there is a community developing templates in the Template Kits space. In this way, we can help each other, get ideas or talk about our designs to improve our thoughts and products.

Sorry for my poor English
Have a nice day

Hi @Komiser,

All content that contains images of people or property must be sourced from Envato Elements or Twenty20’s commercially cleared library.

More info here:


Firstly, thank you for your reply.
As far as I understand, I can use all CC0 licensed images in my templates?

As an example, I discovered several sites on the Internet where I could find images with CC0 license. These are: Unsplash, Pexels etc.

In addition, I plan to use the drawings from Undraw.co in some of my template designs.
I read the informative texts about the license on their site and saw a permission text that I could use.

More explanation from @vailjoy here:

In addition to the above kindly posted by mscoder, some clarification:

  1. We discourage use of Undraw since they are heavily over-used illustrations which can lead to your kit being rejected for looking too generic (a lot of free templates use Undraw). If you do use Undraw, make sure the items you choose are new and the colors are carefully selected. I recommend finding unique illustration sources or digging through freepik or Elements for fresh illustrations that are not in use in a lot of themes already

  2. If the photo has a human face, it must be licensed from Elements or Twenty20 due to licensing requirements for commercial distribution if it is included in your kit. Only template images are included in export - Blog and WooCommerce product photos are not included in your kit.

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