I can use freepik images for Template Kit

Hello friends
I want to make a template for sale in themeforest. Do you think I can use Freepik images?

Yes, you can use it.

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This is written in the This is written in the template guide guide

Yes but it’s optional

Very good, thank you :+1:

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You have to follow the image requirements:
All content that contains images of people or property must be sourced from Envato Elements or Twenty20’s commercially cleared library.

More info here:

If image not contain people or property then you can use free image but must have commercial permissions as like cc0 license.

you can check this link ( Export Step 3 - Media Info):


I just want to use these images for preview , It also requires a cc0 license

if the license permits to use for commercial use then will be okay with that license as like cc0, mmt. you have to show respect their license terms.

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Hello! Just to quickly explain, the reason the rules are special for Template Kits is because they are distributed through the Envato Elements plugin. Distribution requires specific commercial license as the images are included in the download (unlike themes, which can omit them from demo import). As such, you must use images that allow commercial use or are CC0. People must come from Twenty20/Elements because of model release requirements for commercial use that we cannot confirm on libraries outside of envato (for example, even if an image of a person says it is ok for commercial use on Freepik, it doesn’t mean the model gave permission for commercial resale or distribution). I hope that makes sense!


ok, thank you :+1: