Use of Pictures from Envato Elements Wordpress plugins in Elementor Template Kit

Can We Use Envato Elements Wordpress Plugins for adding pictures free of cost with watermark for making elementor template kit design? If Yes, then we have to select Licenced from Envato option while exporting plugin. I need help please.


We do not allow watermarked images in Template Kits. Images must be added to a project and licensed for commercial use if coming from Elements or Twenty20. This is only a requirement for human faces. You may otherwise use photos from any CC0 source such as pexels etc.

You may find the full details of our stock image policy for Template Kits here:

Thank You for your kind response. I got the point that we can use images having no face from any CC0 source. But I am still a little confused and want it to be clear for me that, Can I use images from ? I will be very thankful for your response.

Hello! You may use images from any source as long as the license allows for commercial use :slight_smile: If an image you use is a problem for any reason (including whether it matches your design) I will let you know during review so you can easily fix it.