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Why Envato restricted to use only Elements images or illustration? :upside_down_face: Can I use my illustrations or images?

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explanation from @vailjoy here:

in short i must use only elements images…

Image Requirements


Thank You, btw. So to I have to buy Envato Elements subscription to add assets?

you have to apply for joining the envato elements author first. if they approve then you can continue.

What? Really? I’m Enavto Market Author & I want to upload Template Kits to market… not Elemnets… :slight_smile:

If you don’t want to elements author then you have to subscribe for elements to use the elements assets.

What software/subscriptions do I need?

At a minimum you need a public WordPress site and the latest version of Elementor. If you’d like stock assets like photos and graphics in your kit, we recommend our Envato Elements subscription. And if you’d like to create a kit with advanced features and functionality, you should consider Elementor Pro - from the Elementor team.

This is what I’m looking for! (but didn’t find on author site) Thank You man!

btw, As you mentioned before in this post about Envato Elements. Envato can use these templates on Elements (They have stated this on upload page) They will contact me later for elements authorship. :slight_smile:

Special Rules Surrounding Template Kits

Hi! Thanks for contributing your Template Kits to Envato. By submitting your Template Kits, you agree that we can also make these items available on Envato Elements and that the Envato Elements Author Agreement applies to you and your items on Envato Elements. The full text of the Author Agreement appears below and is also available at Envato Elements.

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