Question Regarding Elementor Template kit.


I am creating elementor template kit But it required some images. so can use images outside of envato elements?

If No. I have to purchase images from envato elements or can get for free?

Thank you :slight_smile:

@jamesgiroux need help!


You may find our guidelines here:

  • All content that contains images of people or property must be sourced from Envato Elements or Twenty20โ€™s commercially cleared library. If the end customer wishes to retain these for use in their end product, they must license directly from Envato Elements or Twenty20. All content that is sourced from Envato Elements or Twenty20 must be disclosed and linked to from your item description. This is to ensure images are properly commercially cleared. (The export plugin will give you a snippet you can copy/paste)
  • All other content that does not contain images of people or property must be appropriately licensed for use by the customer in their end product according to the applicable Envato license (Market and/or Elements). For example, if you use CC0 content, it is you, not the CC0 source, who is responsible for ensuring the content is suitable for use on Envato.

Images on Envato Elements do not have individual license costs and are part of your subscription. I do recommend creating a project for each kit where elements images are used to help you keep track of which ones you have downloaded and used for which kits.

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Sorry, but I didnโ€™t understand so much. Can I download from envato elements all the images, graphics and assets that I need to use inside my template kit, create and put to sell inside envato market and envato elements (even inside preview page and inside .zip to download), and all I need to do is create a project for each kit where elements images are used to help me to keep tracking? Just that an itโ€™s ok? Thank you :slight_smile: