Image Resource for Template

I want to create website template for Themeforest. From where should I use the Images I want to use in my Templates?

You can buy them on PhotoDune or other stock marketplaces, or get free ones on sites like

In any case, they should be used only on your demo site, do not include them with your template files, use placeholder instead (unless the license specifically allows you to redistribute them).

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Thank You

Can you please explain me this:
(All content that contains images of people or property must be sourced from Envato Elements or Twenty20’s commercially cleared library. If the end customer wishes to retain these for use in their end product, they must license directly from Envato Elements or Twenty20. All content that is sourced from Envato Elements or Twenty20 must be disclosed and linked to from your item description. This is to ensure images are properly commercially cleared.)

Can you please share a link where you got this? Also, what exactly you want to explain about it, the text is pretty clear, but it refers only to the images of people.

That’s from here

So If I want to use images of people in my template, I have to buy the subscription from Envato Photos and use it?

This is from the link that charlie4282 gave

This applies only to WordPress Temple Kit item category, not basic HTML templates.