Images references and permissions for Wordpress theme in Themeforest

Hello, everyone!

We are planning to publish our first theme on Themeforest. But we have two queries.

  1. Is it acceptable to use images of human faces from free stock photo platforms, such as Can we use them in demo content? Freepik terms allows it, but can we use it in Themeforest?

  2. How should we reference the images we’ve used in theme? Can you provide us with the formatting guidelines and standards this document should follow? For example, is it appropriate to make a Word document with links/images and licence notes inside?

Thank you so much in advance!

You’re not allowed to use the images on HTML Templates ( but only preview ).
For WordPress and others, you may use the images on the preview site as well as for the demo content but you need to credit the images.

Thank you so much for your response. Can you please clarify what do you mean “credit the images”? How should we prepare it? Just list of links to freepik + images in Word document is enough? or is there any rule/guide how to do that properly?

Hi @grezinevgenii,

Please note in themeforest you are not allowed to upload/include (in the customer download .zip file) original images instead you have to use placeholder.

Imagine having an item released and then getting a DMCA. That would ruin your product. Placeholders make sure you avoid these issues if images are not 100% MIT ( Commercial Free ). For preview purpose you can use images which are at least not required any attribution for commercial use.

If you want to use any image from a site where required Commercial license then you have to respect their license terms.

For attribution you can place it in your Item description and in documentation page.

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