I need help with Image licenses on Themeforest...


First, thank you very much for your help. I have a question…

Whenever I have bought a Wordpress or Prestashop template in themeforest I have tracked the images that come in said template (with a reverse search, for example) and many images belong to paid stock sites, where you have to pay for the images to be able to use them.

And I usually create web pages for commercial use.

Ok so I have a lot of doubts:

I assume the author of X template knows this and will have purchased the images to use as template content, otherwise the sale of their product would not be legal. But … am I protected from that against possible complaints?

Or am I protected by Themeforest? Since that’s where I buy the template. I read the terms but did not find an answer to this…

Or am I protected because the images or their permission to use are included in the price of the template?

Also, in the descriptions of many templates they do not say anything about the rights of their images.

I’m going crazy over this … I have had this question for a long time and without finding an answer

Hope someone can help me. And sorry for my English if it’s not very good


stock images that included in live preview demo and in purchased download has their own copyright. So, if you want to use them you have to purchase those images from the stock site. you can ask the item author from where they have downloaded those images by contacting them.

envato don’t allow to include any image in purchased download which has their copyright for using. and envato recommend to include placeholder images instead of original images.