Where I can find images for my template ?


I created my first template and I want to know if themeforest provide sample images or I need to download them from free websites ?

Thank you

Envato don’t provide them.

You need to source Commercisl use licensed images from stock or photo sites like Unsplash.

In the download of your item you should replace all images with placeholders

Thank you for you reply , so I can download any kind of images and use them in the theme preview and use placeholders images in the download ?

ok thank you

No - for the demo you can only use images that you have permission and/or licenses to use.

You can’t just download ones off Google.

The placeholders should be used in the download version of the item irrelevant of where the images are from.

ok I understand , thank you for your help

You can download them from freepick and for demo only and in your theme to use placeholders.

Good luck!