I'm having trouble getting my envato kit functional with my wordpress site

I installed a kit. I have elementor pro. I used the theme Hello Elementor the author said to use. Yet, the site does not come up as it should. Any help?

Hi @bchristi1,

Have you checked the following:

How to use the Envato Elements WordPress Plugin to Install Elementor Template Kit

How to use the Template Kit Import plugin from Envato to Install Elementor Template Kits


I have and from my perspective - I’ve done everything right but I must’ve not have. The instructions from the kit creator are not very good

Please contact the author of your purchased kit, the author will assist you.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:


Vittor - Video Production Service Elementor Pro Template Kit, WordPress - Envato Elements

I cannot find the comment section. Can you show me where it is, sorry.

Oh! you downloaded the item from Envato Elements and item from Envato Elements doesn’t come with Author support. But you can give a try to contact them by searching the item in themeforest then go author profile page there you will find a contact form.


Hello this is Gulshan Negi
Well, you need to ensure that the Envato kit is compatible with the version of WordPress you’re using, as well as any other plugins or themes you have installed.
Hope it will help.

The pages show up in my editor view but not on the live site. I can’t track down the author.

The author is @moxcreative - Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

to contact the author you can use this page contact form:

Hello, if you have different view between editor and live view, the problem may be from cache. Please turn off your cache when using or editing in elementor.

You can also regenerate your css file in elementor from here : “Elementor > Tools > Tab General > Regenerate files & data”

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is your problem solved? i’m having quite similar predicament. thanks!

This did not work. What I’ve done is installed the Elementor Pro. I also downloaded and upload the Hello Elementor Theme. I’ve installed the Global Kit along with each page template. On the Elementor Editor, I see the home page. When I go to my website it does not show up.

I figured it out.

  1. Check the Elementor settings: In Elementor, make sure that the “Disable Editor Loader” setting is turned off. You can find this setting under Settings > Advanced.

  2. Check the theme’s settings: If you’re using a theme that’s compatible with Elementor, make sure that the theme is set to use Elementor for your site’s pages. You can check this by going to Appearance > Customize and looking for an option like “Page Builder.”

Here I was able to choose the Homepage and that’s why I wasn’t getting one. There was no homepage it was going to.

For issues related to the Elementor or the builder once templates are imported sucessfully, you can access Elementor support from Elementor > Get Help in the WordPress admin.

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