envato dies...bring back the NEWEST ITEMS home page!

Dear colleagues and authors! We urgently need to gather strength in order to return the “dying” stock site in the same direction.
Let’s be objective, that envato began to work not in favor of retaining the authors, but in favor of the buyers and their own. Horrible month. Nothing for sale. Return as it was before. Sales began to fall since they added the ability to set prices on their own … then this disgusting envato elements …
Please be responsive, let’s help each other. Revolt!


I agree with you. This is horrible desicion.


Hey dear authors! We Must Show Our Reaction! Because Envato is dying with amazing horrible desicions.New items are not sold in this month. I created new logo project and i think better than “nearly 70 sales.- logo project”. But now 0 sale. This is very sad thing. Please come back for not lose us ENVATO!!


#Newest Items!!!


It’s really sad seeing Envato right now, we all don’t have sales here.

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I would like to ask a question to Envato Management:

If you were a freelancer, would you upload your items to Envato in such odds?

Or, do you think that working for weeks / months / years to upload an item just to see it being lost in the new “category pages” is a good idea?

The answer is obvious.

Please don’t bother with the so-called “author health” surveys.
The real survey is the forums.


The NUMBER-1 motivation for an author to upload a new item is “VISIBILITY”.
You eliminated that reason.
In fact, you eliminated all the reasons for uploading a new item.

I wonder; what is your motive, Envato Management?


So far, the priority of uploading projects I liked was videohive. I was uploading to other sites if hard rejected. Nowadays I feel that my labor will be wasted if I upload it to videohive first.


we also feel the same thing the work of days is no longer appreciated, sales die instantly :disappointed:


If the main strategy for success is “front end visibility and new items lists”, I’m afraid it was doomed to fail from the beginning.

Sure, that short burst of exposure can occasionally be helpful, but it has no bearing on the longevity or general popularity of an item.

Too many authors take shortcuts by not writing helpful item descriptions or using proper keywords to boost search results. Too many authors just upload a project, cross their fingers, and hope it sells. Too many authors don’t do essential groundwork like building a brand or cultivating a strong social media following. Too many authors don’t put effort into marketing or advertising. And too many authors blame an ever-changing marketplace and constantly evolving industry for their sales woes.

For example: would a customer in of a Cryptocurrency package find what they’re looking for on the front page? No. Customers are going to search for items that suit their needs.

My advice? Build unique high-quality projects that actually fulfill a need, write detailed, high-quality descriptions, and include detailed, high-quality support/help documentation. That way, you won’t have to worry about superfluous things that are entirely out of your control, such as free exposure on the marketplace.


For those whom it may concern.
Oh, sorry, I forgot to add: Good luck with that.

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I’m attempting to help some authors avoid being concerned with the wrong things. Might you have anything constructive to add to the conversation?


@MotionRevolver, I have a question for you.

Don’t you think that when an author promotes himself through social media and manages to get people to buy his products through his own links the author’s % of the money should be increased while the % for Envato is decreased? The author has created the product himself and has found the client himself. If this idea gets applied authors will become a lot more motivated to put in more work to promote themselves instead of waiting for Envato to do it. In my opinion, everyone wins this way.

If you agree with me it will be great if you can recommend this idea to the decision makers since you are the senior reviewer of Videohive and your word has more weight compared to the authors.


@GZGRAPHICS Isn’t that exactly what the Market Affiliate Program accomplishes? This opportunity has been offered to authors since the very beginning.

Oh, and the review staff has far less influence over the decision making process than you might think, unfortunately. :wink:


No, it doesn’t accomplish it.

I meant self-promotion. Authors promoting only their own products without becoming affiliate partners.

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I see what you mean, thanks for the clarification. I like the idea, but I have no clue if implementing something similar to that has ever been discussed.

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If I do my own ad, I don’t need the videohive platform.:smile:


In this case, the envato has to give me money. :smile:


@BenLeong @KingDog

What do you guys think about my idea?

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This month is so bad for sales, new items please