Sales Disgrace !

Hi guys
I got two new projects.

When I installed new projects in the past, there was at least 1 sales per day.

However, the fact that there is no sale from the projects I have installed these days really makes me sad.

I’ve come to the degree of quitting Videohive.

Even if I make 10 sales, it is a pleasure to see my work.

However, the lack of sales made me tired.

What is your reason?

Take a look on this:

Thank you for your comment @CocoBasic

Is there something I should do in this case, or should I expect this new system?

I am here just author like you are my friend. I see there are some changes in Envato system (more about that you can read on link above) and how long this will stay (will they ever return to the “old” way/system) I really don’t know. Probably there will be some official report from Envato (or maybe not).

I see that the authors are not happy with their sails, especially on new items. Personally, I am very happy with my sales in last 30 days (how my existing items are selling) but also I must say that I have not created any new item and and probably I will not be happy with sales on new items (I’m just guessing).

Thank you @CocoBasic

I’m really bored now.

It really makes me sad that something I’ve worked for doesn’t turn into profit.

I’m so bored of it.

yeah this is the reason why sales are dropping lol an that most of the guys do not feel like posting new things …

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this is legitimate, though u have to keep on fighting, not only because their experiment will not last for ever but also because this should be a way of life to fight your way through, life for designers is difficult anyway, no one does any favor to us indeed

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I agree with the comment that this situation needs to end or videohive will no longer just be my imagination.

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If you continue in this way, you will no longer have a community that produces content. reason ney hımm “envato is trying something new” do not try our labor is disappearing. :angry::angry::angry::angry:

My friend, I am in the same situation like you - I don’t work for Envato, I am just an author here and I am selling my products like you are doing.

Next month I should finish my new project and I will see how “bad” this new system it is.

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My friend
Only 2 sales in 3 new projects really annoying

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