No sells since Envato interface update


I haven’t had any sells since Envato has updated its interface. I had at least 5 sells a day before that.
Anyone else experiences the same?


Yes !!! Same here on GR…:frowning:

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Yes, category browsing and default search seems to be favoring top sellers now.


why would they change that?

Hm… I have better sales last days than at previous weeks.

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same here.

I just sent them a complaint. You guys should do the same.

this is the link

0 sales because everything goes to elite authors.

still, sales are way down

Yes…sales are dropped 80%

same here. I’m from AJ. sales are very weak last days. search is showing now only bestsellers with thousands of sales. I just have checked VH items, there are automatic sorting by trending items… I thought it was a temporary bug at first, but seems like it’s envato’s decision. I dont know why would they do that, maybe it’s some sort of experiment

that’s outrages. The envato team told me that nothing has changed, but it obviously has.

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Same here.

sales still down, about 90%


Sales fully stoped 27 february.

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I have also noticed a drastic drop in sales

Did anyone reported that to envato?

what is going on?

Agree with all you guys! I have a big drop sales now too:( Also, im noticed that my last approved item have no any views!! (except one:) ) I didn’t has yet situation like that… It’s very demotivating me.:frowning:

It’s a bit strange. First week of the march i had 2 sales. Second week 0 sales. And the last two weeks almost every day i have sale.

new approved items dont get any views, because the default item order is by “trending items”