Solution for 0 sales on Newest page.

As you might have noticed, new templates have no sales because of Envato’s experiments. This has been already happening for months. I think it’s unprofessional to create such an effect oт authors and just say “wait, we want to conduct experiments”, i.e. you have no choice.

I propose all the authors on videohive not to upload their new items for some time. This way we’ll have have a stronger voice.

Why to do this:

  • Your project will have way more exposure when envato stops its experiments;
  • You’ll have a voice that has an effect on envato.

P.S. Just my opinion: envato has never been trying to improve the “author experience”: longer and longer review times, taxes, no exposure for new items, confusing forums.

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A lot of authors simply lose their motivation to create new stuff.
Some people created accounts on Motion Array last week… Some people discuss self-buying strategies…this is so bad… Anyway I recommend to stay positive till the end of this week. Guys from Envato team promised to return previous order.


I’m already waiting…

They probably did that because of themeforest. There they have super mega website templates that generate all the revenue, they want to promote them. It works for themeforest, because the authors can just redesign their websites when trends change, but for videohive, audiojungle it doesn’t work, it’s way easier to create a new project.

my sells are down by 80-90 % for the last 4 weeks. when is this going to stop??

When we change the marketplace.