No Sales

Hi Good People,

I got my first project approved. I very happy for that…and the item is not selling yet (May be time has not come yet), in this case should author have to promote this item on any other platform or just Envato will do needfull.

Thanks as always…

There are tons of items. Watching that 0 sales makes no sense as it’ll be there for a long time. Either promote your item and look for customers, so you can step away from the 0 number, or make another item that’s better and more useful, as having 2 items boosts your presence by 100%. There’s no stopping now. Cheers!

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You have 2 wayes.
1- if you want some uniqe projects(like slideshow) it is better to search motion graphics from big companies from vimeo or aescript(knowlage tab) find the new designes and trend designs of them and then make new and uniqe from your idea.
2- if you want make projects like videohive projects, find the projects who sales good from this year or this month and then by your idea make new designs, Also don’t forget in seasons the good sales projects are different, some times the typographies sales better in summer.( sorry my not prefect speaking) I come to Canda for Study. Wish you have many sales