How to get out of 0 sales


I’m new to the author program and just had my first few items accepted. I’m super stoked about that. I also can imagine this is a painfully slow ride while every item is at 0 sales.

What’s your best tips for getting the first couple of sales rolling in?

First of all you have to take into consideration that stock footage category is a really huge one with tons and tons of different videos. You have just 8 items published. About stock footage I think that the top sellers have a big amount of items uploaded, so the customers have many options to choose and the authors have more chances to appear in the search results. My idea is that you should make many many more items to get sales, diversity. Today, every market has too many authors and too many items for sale.
I guess that´s the best advice for your category, produce and produce and produce more.
Good Luck! :+1:

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Thank you! I just got my upload limit raised from 5 to 100,000 items a week today. Guess that should do the trick.

How about advertising. Is it worth is?

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I think so

In my particular case I dont pay for advertising, I just publish my works on several social networks, that´s all, and the use of hashtags and keywords is very important too

Hi my friend, Have a little patience :slight_smile: and you must continue without giving up.
Good luck…

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Nowadays almost all new videos have 0 sales. Living from envato earning impossible now in this category. You must have another main job or do some popular after effect templates: titles, logo revealers or slideshow templates.

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Hope we all have a much better sales soon…

Personally, I don’t think paying for ads is worth it at all, unless you plan on pouring at least $1000 or more into advertising. I don’t make video items, but the few ads I have tried paying for never brought in a single sale.